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What are the chances of a fat embolism happening from or during a brazilian butt lift fat transfer?

How do you prevent this from happening ? Are the chances high ? How do you even know if you're hitting a vein or artery before injecting ? This is one... READ MORE

Fat transfer safest? I've heard about embolisms and even death. How often do patients die or experience horrific complications?

I was thinking about getting the fat transfer to butt and hips for a nice full look. BUT, I have heard about embolisms and even death. How often do... READ MORE

What Are the Chances of a Fat Embolism with a Bbl/fat Transfer, Related to the Fat Transfer Not Just a Complication of Surgery?

Hopefully none right? Is it protocol to aspirate before just randomly injecting fat all over the butt? I would hope so, because how else are you going... READ MORE

What are the chances of a fat embolism happening during brazilian butt lift surgery?

I wanted to know what are the chances of a fat embolism occurring during the brazilian buttlift procedure , what do you to prevent it from happening .... READ MORE

Can Embolisms after surgery happen often? I am very scare to do my Brazilian Butt Lift after hearing about this

Such embolisms can happen when the tube used to inject the fat pierces blood vessels in the deepest area of the buttocks, inserting fat particles into... READ MORE

Pre-op: Questions about BBL procedure (photos)

When doing a Brazilian butt lift where is the fat injected into the butt exactly? Without X-ray or visuals how is a doctor able to tell where to place... READ MORE

Is there anyway for drs and patients to prevent fat embolisms or blood clots during and after fat transfer to buttocks and hips?

Also, what infections are most common and dangerous in patients after fat transfer to buttocks? How can infection be prevented ? Is there anything... READ MORE


After some research on the BBL, I have become convesant with some of the after surgery effects so I am prepared on how to handle them. What warning... READ MORE

Does a fat embolism happen while having a BBL or after surgery?

Does a fat emboli happen while having a bbl or after surgery? I know it's rare but it can happen. Also after the surgery are you still at risk? If so... READ MORE

Is there less of a risk of a fat embolism with just Liposuction vs. BBL?

Was scheduled to get a BBl but my Hgb was too low. I am working on getting it higher. Now I am considering just getting lipo sculpture. Is there still... READ MORE

When is it completely safe to do a second Brazilian Butt Lift without complication?

I had a bbl 1/7/14 however I do not like my results at all, I also would like to ask how do you prevent developing an embolism while on the... READ MORE

What are the chances of fat embolism occurring after a BBL through Fat Transfer?

I am a 28 year old woman who will be getting Liposuction of my my back, abdomen, and arms. This fat will be transferred and used for my BBL. I'm very... READ MORE

What are the risks of lung embolism from fatty tissue reaching the bloodstream after BBL , and how do you avoid that?

I heard a woman died of lung embolism from fatty tissue reaching her bloodstream after BBL and I wanted to know how do you avoid that? thanks READ MORE

Fat embolism from BBL?

What makes a fat Embolism occur? Does the Doctor have to puncture a blood vessel and then the cannula lets fat in? Can a trained doctor do this... READ MORE

How is the airway supported during a BBL?

If a life threatening event were to happen, ie. PE, Fat embolism, how soon after would symptoms present? During or after surgery? READ MORE

The risk of a fat embolism during a BBL procedure; doesn't this technique increase the fat to travel through a large vein?

I will admit that best result I have seen seem to be when the injections occur in The muscle , and below the muscle , however , Doesn't this technique... READ MORE

Fat Embolism Preop & Post Op treatments? Full Lipo for BBL & TT blood loss prevention pre op & post op?

What medication is used to save a patient who has had a BBL and fat embolism? Is there anything that I can do as a potential BBL & TT patient to... READ MORE

How to prevent fat embolism and pulmonary embolism?

I really want to have my BBL done. I'm afraid of dying. I did research and found out that Fab Embolism and blood clot are the major death risk. I... READ MORE

BBL- Fat injection into muscle or outer layer of fat?

Hello Recently a lady died In Florida while receiving a BBL. Although I do believe that this is a rare case, I am still heavily considering the BBL.... READ MORE

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