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I'm 27 yrs old. Am I a candidate for Brazilian Butt Lift? (photos)

I am a 27yr old female and lost 60lbs. My skin elasticity is very poor. As you can see from my pictures the crease of bum has sagged and I have lost... READ MORE

For the BBL, I Was Told the Square Butt Was Hardest to Work with Due to Having the Most Inelastic Skin? Is This True?

I read on this blog how elasticity of the skin affects how well a surgeon can graft fat to the butt according to their shape.... READ MORE

What is the Best Garment to Wear After a BBL?

My doctor is going to give me a garment to wear for the first week or two after my surgery, but told me I may want to get another garment to wear... READ MORE

Can Fat Be Grafted from Loose Stomach for Brazilain Butt Lift or It Has to Be a Tight Skin?

I do not have much elasticity in my stomach fat as I had two kids but I have alot of fat in my mid section which is kinda bulgy. I was wondering if I... READ MORE

Had Lipo and BBL 1 month ago, however my stomach is still not flat and I have a small pouch on the bottom, advice? (photos)

How can I get rid of the extra skin. I'm only 23 , is my skin elasticity goood ? When does the skin tightens on its own. My stomach is also wrinkly READ MORE

What can I do to prepare my body and skin for a Brazilian Butt Lift? Can anything help with skin elasticity?

I had a child and I was left with mild stretch marks and loose skin around the belly button. Is there anything I can change in my diet or lotions/oils... READ MORE

I would like know how much would a BBL, Tummy tuck and thigh lift would cost? (photos)

Im 18 223 pounds and desperately want to get surgery in dr. I wanna know could i even look like my wish pics or is that out of the question because my... READ MORE

Would I benefit from fat injections to the hips for a smooth curve? Skin elasticity not good. (photo)

I lost 90 lbs with gastric bypass years ago so my sin elasticity is not great. Would it be better to just have a lower body lift? I have a dent on the... READ MORE

Is using a skin graft with a Brazilian butt lift possible if your skin has literally no elasticity from scar tissue?

Recovering heroin addict 5 yrs ago had blood infectionTo save my life they removed left side of buttock. Right side was ruined by muscling drug of... READ MORE

I really want a BBL: BBL vs. vaser lipo + excision vs. traditional (PAL) lipo? (photos)

I have acne/possibly hidradenitis suppurativa on my glutes - doc said he was worried about possible spread of infection w/BBL. Instead said I’d be a s... READ MORE

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