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After Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery, How Much Lymphatic Massages Are Patients Supposed to Get for Optimal Results?

Having the BBL proc. soon---w/ lipo to arms, flanks, back and abdomen.I wanted to get an idea of how often we should have the lymp massages and for... READ MORE

Squats Before a Brazilian Butt Lift?

Will squats before a brazilian butt lift affect the amount of volume u can get becaues your skin is tighter or will the squats give you a better... READ MORE

Does Getting a Bbl with TT Compromise the Results of the Bbl? (photo)

I was told for the best results I need to combine the two procedures (brazilian butt lift and tummy tuck but I don't want to combine procedures if one... READ MORE

Can Brazilian Butt Lift 5 Months After Lipo Cause Unsuccessful Brazilian Butt Lift? (photo)

Im Getting Brazilian butt lift 5 months after lipo on my flanks, abdominal, upper & lower back can this cause a unsuccessful Brazilian butt lift... READ MORE

I've Been Told That I Have Loose Skin. How Will That Affect my Brazilian Butt Lift?

I have been on several consultations for a BBL and I've been told that my skin is loose as if I lost a significant amount of weight, but I haven't.... READ MORE

The Diifference Between Traditional BBL and the One That Uses NIL or Tickle Lipo?

What is the difference between traditional BBL and the one that uses NIl or Ticke lipo using laser equipment instead of needles used in traditional... READ MORE

Does Having Muscle Mass in Your Butt Affect the Brazilian Butt Augmentation if the Muscle Mass Was Depleted After the Procedure?

Does Having Muscle Mass in Your Butt Affect the Brazilian Butt Augmentation if the Muscle Mass Was Depleted After the Procedure? Basically would it be... READ MORE

I Want to Have a Mastoplexy and Brazilian Butt Lift?

Is it possible to undergo both procedures at the same time? My surgeon said she can do it but I feel that I will lose the fat grafted into my buttock... READ MORE

Is it true that if you have a more toned buttocks it is more likely that you will hold the fat graft transfer?

(More muscle?) Also with my body type, how realistic is the wish pic result? Thanks in advance! :) READ MORE

Will Fast Metabolism Affect Brazilian Butt Lift?

I have a very fast metabolism and want to do a BBL but I am worried it won't work on me if my body kills all the new injected fat. Please advice me... READ MORE

Should I wait to have a Brazilian Butt Lift after I have children?

I have not had any children . If I choose to have children later and have the Brazilian butt lift now will having kid(s) undo all the surgeons work? READ MORE

If a Breast Augmentation and Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery Done at the Same Time Affect my Projection? (photo)

Hi I'm very confused right now. I am considering getting breast augmentation with implants and brazilian butt lift, my doctor notified me that it will... READ MORE

I wanted to know if you gain weight will that help you result for bbl?

I am about 210lbs and I am 5'8. I hold my weight pretty well so I don't look 210. I wanted to know if I was to gain about 20lbs will the enhance my... READ MORE

I have tough skin and I want a brazilian butt lift: Will the fat injection work?

I want a brazilian butt lift but im afraid my skin isnt going to let all the fat that I want in my butt to get that big and round look. I need help READ MORE

If I take orlistat after Brazilian Butt Lift, will it take away from my butt fat? (photos)

I'm laying around a lot after bbl I was wondering if I can take Alli or xenical 4 weeks PO and willl it effect my results?! I'd hate to pack on pounds... READ MORE

When Performing a BBL I Heard It's Best to Inject the Fat into Muscle Because of the Blood Supply?

I want to do a bbl n have had one done before but lost all the fat graft...I gained a bit of weight for round two so I can have some donor areas, the... READ MORE

Does anybody know a great BBL doctor in Miami? Looking one who's board certified, reasonable, informative and effective.

Looking to get a date in July. I know I'm extremely late but things line up so quickly for me. Also I'm off work the entire summer so it would be a... READ MORE

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