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How Soon Can You Drive After a BBL?

I have one child who is in school its only about 8 minute drive each way. I know the first week or so my husband can take off but after that i would... READ MORE

Driving 4/5 Days After Brazilian Butt Lift

My BBL will take place in 2 weeks. My post-op appointment will be scheduled for 4/5 days after the procedure. My PS office is about 45-60 mins from my... READ MORE

Would a 2 Hr Drive Compromise My Results 7-8 Weeks Post BBL?

I'm 17 days post op & I have driven ONCE. It was extremely uncomfortable & I ended up almost standing up while driving (pressure on left leg,... READ MORE

I Just Had BBL 1 Week Ago. Can I Drive This Week?

Surgery was done Friday. am i able to drive this week? what exercise am i able to do? i have a girls trip planned out next wkend 3 hours away driving,... READ MORE

What is the Best Way to Sit While Driving After the Brazilian Butt Lift Procedure?

I know that you're not supposed to sit directly on your butt for a couple of weeks after the procedure is done, so what would would be the best way... READ MORE

7 Days Post Op After BBL, is It Too Early to Drive???

I am 7 days post op after bbl, and I've managed to stay off my butt the whole 7 days with the exception of bathroom visits. I've been cleared... READ MORE

How Soon After BBL & Liposuction Can I Drive and How Long Should I Plan for Recovery?

Im having lipo to flanks, inner thighs & stomach w/fat transfer to buttocks. Generally, how soon after can I drive myself a few miles for post op... READ MORE

3 weeks post op Brazilian Butt Lift, I drive a lot and work in the office where I'm required to sit. Will my fat be safe?

It's been 3 weeks since my bbl I'm so worried that I'm going to squish my butt and mess up the fat. I drive a lot and I work in a office where I'm... READ MORE

Can I drive for two hours at at time 3 1/2 weeks post op from a BBL?

I need to begin driving to school again next Monday and that will be ALMOST 4 weeks since I had BBL fat grafting... I don't want to completely sit on... READ MORE

Can I sit for a long period of time at 5 weeks post-op of a brazilian butt lift?

I plan on driving to Vegas 5 weeks after my brazilian butt lift. At 5 weeks post op, is it OK to be sitting in the car for 6 hours? I don't want to... READ MORE

Is Two Weeks After my Brazilian Butt Lift Procedure to Soon to Take a 1 Hour Car Trip?

It was been just over two weeks after my brazilian butt lift. I was wondering if it would be ok to go on a trip that would require me to be in a car... READ MORE

What's the best seat cushion post bbl?

Two weeks post lipo/bbl? Returning to work. Must drive 45 minutes. What is the best seat cushion or technique? Want the best results READ MORE

BBL, Tijuana, Mexico (Dr. Salvador Pantoja). How soon after will I be able to come back home by car?

This question is regarding getting a brazilian buttlift in Tijuana, Mexico. I live in Los Angeles, California, 3 hrs away from Tijuana, Mexico. I... READ MORE

Car ride after BBL?

I want my husband to drive me home after BRAZILLIAN BUTT LIFT! Of course I will ride in the back seat on my stomach, my hubby recommended us... READ MORE

Driving after BBL?

Honestly! How in the heck do you drive after a BBL. I have 2 different pillows and it's like I'm still touching my butt on the seat. I place a pillow... READ MORE

Will Driving on The 13th Day of Surgery be Okay?

I understand that there is no sitting for 2 weeks--- >14 days.... in my case if i dont sit for the 13 days i am out of work when i go back to work... READ MORE

I Had Liposuction 2 Weeks Ago As of Today March 5 I Took a Road Trip 24 Hours Long?

I had liposuction and fat grafting to butt 2 weeks ago as of Tuesday march 5. I took a road trip 24 hours long I did take rest stops. My question is... READ MORE

Car ride after Brazilian butt lift?

I want my mom to drive me home after BRAZILIAN BUTT LIFT! Of course I will ride in the back seat on my stomach, my mom recommended us definitely... READ MORE

Am I able to sit down now as well as driving? (Photo)

Hello doctors I wanted to know if I'm able to sit down without harming the procedure that was done to me I had some fat transfer to my buttocks on... READ MORE

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