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Fluid Build Up After Fat Transfer to the Buttocks 7 Months Ago. Is This Normal?

I had fat transfer to the buttocks 7 months ago. My results are great but my upper back legs keep building fluid where I have to have them drained... READ MORE

Need Seroma drainage please help will pay for appointment?

Had surgery done in Tijuana, MX. I went to the ER a few days ago and it was determined that I have developed a seroma. Just was looking for a... READ MORE

Will Acupuncture After Brazilian Butt Lift Affect Results? I Am Using It As a Tool for Drainage. (photo)

I had a BBL 17 days ago and I got my first lymphatic massage today with someone who also does acupuncture as well. They assured me that the... READ MORE

Tubes Not Draining Fast Enough, Does Massage Help? (photo)

What happens if my tubes from BBL are not done draining the min. amount after 10 days and I need to fly home. I love my PS by the way but he is not a... READ MORE

Bruised Red Golf Size Ball After Bbl Very Painful? (photo)

I had a bbl 2 and a half months ago this is my 2nd bbl. about a month ago I got a pimple looking like next to my incision in between the butt cheeks.... READ MORE

post-op BBL - my butt looks the same

My butt is flat in the middle and big at the top after all the draining came out my butt look exactly the same as it did before READ MORE

Could 1 Strong Massage on my Butt Affect my Brazilian Butt Lift Results?

Hey i did a Brazilian butt Lift and my doctor injected fat in my butt and hips After 7 days ( post-op) i started my first drenaige , however the woman... READ MORE

What happens now? How can you body reject its own fat?

I recently had a BBL a week before my month check up a lump appeared. My surgeon drained it and 2 days later four lumps appeared and over 4 days... READ MORE

Dark Red Blood from Drain Normal?

I am about 12 hours hours out of a bbl and one drain changed from moderate to dark red , is this normal? READ MORE

Why Am I Still Draining from Incisions on Buttock After a Month and a Half?

Ive been draining for over a month from one b incision, tgen two more opened and been b draining for 2 1/2 weeks now, went back to Miami to get them... READ MORE

With a BBL, is there a chance for rejection of fat?

I have been doing extensive research with the BBL procedure and have come across that some women have rejected the fat. Supposedly when this occurs,... READ MORE

I had a brazilian butt lift 3 months ago and about a month ago i developed redness/pain/hard lump on my butt. (photo)

It started off as a dull pain, and I thought it was a bruise but then it continued to grow, became more painful and became red and inflamed. I went to... READ MORE

1) BBL Fat grafting technique(s): a. Below the Muscle b. Above? c. Inside? 2) How important is it to have drainage after a BBL?

1) With recent cosmetic surgery cases in the news surrounding embolisms that have either seriously injured or caused patient deaths, I'd like to get... READ MORE

Where do I find lymphatic massages in LA area after BBL and Lipo?

I have been looking everywhere it seems in my area Long Beach, Los Angeles for someone who has post BBl Lipo lymphatic massages for drainage. Where do... READ MORE

How long after getting a bbl would I have to keep getting drainage massages?

How long after i get my bbl would i have to get my drainage massages and how many times a day? READ MORE

I'm second day post op from a bbl procedure and nothing is draining out of tubes. Is this normal? (Photo)

I'm on my second day post op from bbl procedure and nothing is draining from either tube,there's just fluid n blood in draining line but not bulb.i... READ MORE

Should fluid drain from BBL incision site? if so, what can I do to help it close safely?

7 days post op after BBL and tonight while washing- my incision site on right pelvic opened and gushed an amazing amount of fluid which may be still... READ MORE

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