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Can I Take Fat from Legs and Belly to Transfer to Brazilian Butt Lift ? I Am Slim and I Dont Have Enough Fat in Belly. (photo)

Can I Take Fat from Legs and Belly to Transfer to Brazilian Butt Lift ? I Am Slim Type and I Dont Have Enough Fat in Belly. Or, Can I Transfer my... READ MORE

Donor Fat for Brazilian Butt Lift?

Want the Brazilian Butt Lift but I Dont Have the Fat 4 It, Can I Use a Family Mamber Fat? READ MORE

Can I use someone else's body fat and if so is it harmful?

I am 26, 5'2", and only weigh 101lbs. Gaining weight for me is very hard to do and exercising seems like it dont work. So my question is that i have a... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Have Fat Transfered from Someone else into my Butt?

My name is Leticia I'm 21 years old and I would like to have a Brazilian butt-lift. My problem is that I'm 5'4, i weigh about 115 lbs. with a very... READ MORE

For buttocks augmentation, can I get fat injected from another person?

I don't have fat in my body, since I got a liposuction many years ago, can I have fat injected from another person. I am not interested in silicone READ MORE

Is There Research Moving Towards Being Able to Do Butt Injections of Fat with a Donor's Fat?

There are a lot of women who want to get butt injections of fat instead of implants (due to the different results). However, smaller women don't have... READ MORE

Brazilian Butt Lift w/ Twin's Fat?

Can I use my identical twin sisters fat for the brazilian butt lift? READ MORE

Can a mother get a fat transfer from a daughter?

Can a mother get a fat transfer from a daughter? READ MORE

Hello doctor, my question is - Can I use my friends body fat to do my Brazilian Butt Lift? (photo)

Bcause she would love to loses the belly fat an I wud love to get bbl am a 110 in weight READ MORE

BBL w/ Donor Fat

Can I Fill my Butt with Others Fat ?coz Im Skinny Dont Have Fat in my Body I Dont Wanna Have Surgery.thanks READ MORE

Why is It Not Acceptable to Use Someone Else's Fat for a Brazilian Butt Lift?

I am considering having surgery on my butt with the Brazilian Butt Lift, but I don't have enough fat of my own for it. I was wondering if I could take... READ MORE

Can doctors performing Brazilian butt lift also use excess fat from arms for this procedure?

I'm relatively slim but I do have excess fat on my arms that I'd rather not have, and also my tummy but not too much. I want to be a candidate for... READ MORE

Can you use a family member's fat for BBL?

Can you use a family member fat for bbl READ MORE

Will Donating Blood Affect my Surgery Date BBL?

I'm getting a BBL June 1st or 3rd, but donated blood today (had to). and my level was 13.2 , I havent started taking my iron pills as yet but I'm... READ MORE

Can I Use My Friend's Fat for a Brazilian Butt Lift?

I'm a very petite woman and she has enough fat for the both of us, is it possible to use her fat? READ MORE

Is it possible to use my friend's fat for my butt enhancement?

My friend wanted to get liposuction & I wanted to get a butt enhancement so we came to a conclusion that after her surgery was completed i could use... READ MORE

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