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What is Meant by a Patient's Skin is Too Tight for a High Amount of Fat Injections?

I've heard some patients mention that thier doctor could not inject the amount of fat they requested because their skin was too tight. What is... READ MORE

3 weeks post o Brazilian Butt Lift, it left me with no butt crease. Is this shape permanent? (photos)

I just had a tt with lipo and a Brazilian butt lift 3 weeks ago. I know it's still very soon but I am extremely concerned with what I see. What I... READ MORE

4 weeks post op Brazilian Butt lift. When do I have an idea more or less of what my final results will look like ?

It's been four weeks since my bbl. It has gone done a lot. I've heard that once the swelling of the lipo has gone down that it will be more defined.... READ MORE

Exercising after BBL. Will I lose definition if I exercise too much?

Do you recommend Excercising after getting a BBL? Will I lose definition if I exercise to much? READ MORE

Will your Butt be BIG or have a visible future when coming out of BBL and Lipo Surgery? (photos)

Just had back, Ab, and Sides Lipo with BBL 6 days ago. After sugery BBL wasn't what was expected felt like I came out with the same Butt it was not a... READ MORE

Am I a candidate for a Brazilian Butt Lift? I want more definition, a slimmer back, and of course more volume to my rear (Photo)

I'm 105lbs. Generally slim. When I do gain weight it goes to my back and mid-section. I wouldn't want to get this procedure in vain and not benefit... READ MORE

Am I a good candidate for Liposculpture & BBL? (Photos)

I am exactly 5ft & I currently weigh 159. My weight has always fluctuated however once I reached 30 years of age, losing the weight has been... READ MORE

I don't know if a Brazilian Butt Lift is worth it. Am i a good candidate? (photo)

I am a 45 y.o. male, weight 166 lbs., 5'11". i want to get lipo sculpture to define my six pack and get rid off my love handles and some thigh extra... READ MORE

BBL or TT ? Looking for a defined waist and large projection butt! (Photo)

I have waited what seems like forever due to the risks involved mostly to decide on getting cosmetic surgery . I'm done having children and want a... READ MORE

Achievable from a bbl or not?

I want lipo from abdomen flanks and upper and lower back. possibly lipo to the area right above my butt to give it a more defined look as well as... READ MORE

Will inserting fat focused to the lower and outer portion of the buttock give more buttock to top thigh definition? (Photo)

Hello, Will inserting fat focused to the lower and outer portion of the buttock give more buttock to top thigh definition? I feel I'm lacking fat in... READ MORE

Can I have a smooth back, defined smaller waist and flatter stomach with BBL? 185lbs, 5'7, want to transfer fat to butt. (photo)

I had a panniculectomy a few years ago. I'm now ready to have lipo. How much do you estimate the cost? READ MORE

Are there any reputable bbl doctors in the Pa, Nj, De or MD areas? (photos)

I'm in good shape. I'm 43. I'm looking to have Lipo contouring and bbl. I want a doctor close to me. I live in Delaware. My flanks and tummy should... READ MORE

I'm wondering if I get a BBL if it's going to look unnatural?

I'm 21 years old and I have never been happy with my butt geneticly I feel like it's too wide but doesn't have enough volume to it .I would like more... READ MORE

Are my Brazilian butt lift body goals realistic? What procedures would help me achieve my dream body? (photos)

I have been considering a Brazilian butt lift for a while and I am wondering would this alone change my body dramatically enough? I want a teeny tiny... READ MORE

Who is the best doctor in DR for fat transfer for girl who slim and wants hips and a little butt. (photos)

I'm 59 about 150 I want to get a fat transfer to give me a more defined shape I want to have more hips and more shape to my buttox what is the best... READ MORE

I want an hourglass waistline, what procedure will give me the most dramatic result? (Photos)

I know that rib removal isn't really the way to a tiny waist and lipo will only go so far. Is there any other procedure that will taper in my... READ MORE

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