Crease + Brazilian Butt Lift

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What can I get done to achieve a "crease" under my butt cheeks?

BBL on 12.10.1-I have the majority of the fat transfer at the top of my butt but none (or very little at the bottom) I would like to achieve the "cuff". READ MORE

Can the Brazilian Butt Lift Fix Extra Gluteal Folds on my Butt?

I am a 37 YO afr/am woman and I have a very flat butt to say the least. I wore braces on my legs when I was 5 YOA. Would my leg deformities... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Create a Crease Under the Buttocks 7 Weeks After a BBL? (photo)

I had a Brazilian Butt Lift 7 weeks ago. I am very happy with my results except for one thing: I don't seem to have a crease at all. I didn't have one... READ MORE

Would like a Brazilian Butt Lift and Gluteal Fold: advice? (photos)

Hi, my weight is 155 lbs, and I am 5 feet 6 inches. I want a brazilian butt lift. I am looking for a good surgeon. I also want nice butt creases. I... READ MORE

3 weeks post o Brazilian Butt Lift, it left me with no butt crease. Is this shape permanent? (photos)

I just had a tt with lipo and a Brazilian butt lift 3 weeks ago. I know it's still very soon but I am extremely concerned with what I see. What I... READ MORE

Why is the crease at the bottom of my butt not round after BBL?

I had a bbl 3 weeks ago an i do love the projection but i really wanted the upside down heart shape creases at the bottom, but it still looks boxy... READ MORE

How soon can a minor lipo touch up be done after a Brazilian butt lift? (Photo)

I just had a brazilian butt lift 2 days ago and am happy with the results except that I have a crease at my waist which looks really bad. I think more... READ MORE

Can a Brazilian Butt Lift Give Me a Butt Crease?

My bottom isnt completely flat, however i have more of the top section rather than the bottom, i reeeallyy want this 'W' shape as a crease. Ive had a... READ MORE

Will a BBL with thigh lipo help with butt and thigh cellulite? Does BBL lift lower crease of butt and thighs? (photo)

I have cellulite on butt and thighs. Also my lower butt has some sagging at the lower crease. Will a bbl with thigh Lipo help with butt and thigh... READ MORE

5'6", at 155 lbs - Brazilian Butt Lift & Improve Butt Creases? (photos)

I am 5 feet 6, at 155 lbs. I have hips & thin waist. I want the best doctor for BBL. I want 900 to 1000 ccs per check. I want thighs done too &... READ MORE

I want my crease to be round at the bottom. Is it possible? (Photo)

I was wondering if my butt crease at the bottom and my buttocks can be reshaped to look more round READ MORE

Question on a crease? (photos)

Had a bbl done about 7 weeks now, my results where pleasing, however I collected fluid on my right abdomen side and after it was syringed out, it... READ MORE

Can cuppage or crease be made after Brazilian Butt Lift? (photos)

I was wondering if a doctor can create cuppage with bbl surgery? I have some then it stops. The picture is what I would like. READ MORE

Are hard lumps and creasing normal 4wks after Liposuction with fat transfer. Any suggestions? (photos)

4wks post i had a BBL. I started developing hard lumps in my abdomen and some creasing around my belly button. I went out of the country for my... READ MORE

Can fat grafting help my double-butt? (photos)

Hi there! About 7 years ago I had lipo on my lower rear. It left me w/an extra crease on each side. I'm wondering if fat transfer could rectify or... READ MORE

Can fat transfer fix the buttock creases from bad lipo or do I need to have a long scar made? What is the cost range? (Photo)

About 9 years ago I was over lipo'd. I returned to the doctor last week for fat transfer and notice no results. I'd like to swim and date again-... READ MORE

does is matter if your garment is short and not above or below your knee , will it crease my butt after surgery (photos)

I bought a garment that is short lengths on my legs , i was wondering after my bbl will it leave indentations or should i buy the lenght that goes... READ MORE

I have a second butt crease under my butt? Will BBL fix this? (photo)

I am planning on getting a BBL sometime in the future, do you think that the BBL will get rid of this? Or what surgery should I get to get rid of it? READ MORE

Best treatment for double crease & drooping buttocks? Had vaser lipo 7 years ago. Gaining or losing weight has no effect (Photo)

Contacted surgeon who did initial lipo and he said fat transfer back to crease will not work in this area and he will not perform it. Another surgeon... READ MORE

6 months post BBL with Smart Lipo, wrinkles and hardened areas, is this my final result?

I had a bbl 6 months ago, my stomach looked great after the procedure but now it has become wrinkled and has hardened around my belly button area, it... READ MORE

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