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In Two Different Consultations I was Told Recovery Time Is 3-5 Days, In the Other 2-3 Weeks. Which Is It?

Ive gotten an consultation for fat transfer to the buttocks, 1. they will be doing body-jet with fat transfer. They said they'll use local... READ MORE

Are Virtual Plastic Surgery Consultations Okay for Out-of-state Patients?

I am considering the Brazilian Butt Lift, I know I have enough fat in the abs, back, and sides. The issue is that the surgeon I am considering... READ MORE

Why Has It Taken So Long To Receive A Quote Back From Doctors For My BBL?

Im in Las Vegas, Nevada, How come so far on my search for a doctor, its been taking a while for me to receive a quote with out of town doctors, I send... READ MORE

What questions should you ask at a BBL consultation?

What are some important questions you should ask a doctor when getting a consultation for a BBL? READ MORE

Need Advice for Traveling out of State for BBL? (photo)

I haven't found a doctor yet...But what are some good questions to ask out of state doctors? And what have you found are the best for your patients?... READ MORE

Top heavy plus size. Considering large volume Lipo and Brazilian Butt Lift? (Photos)

Hi, i'm 5'3, 26, & no kids. Was 180-220 then shot up to 300+. I am down to 280 and plan on losing more. I am HAPPILY plus size with no serious... READ MORE

Consultation for out of Town Patients, How Does This Work ?

Hello, my name is Sarah and I am looking to have the Brazilian Butt Lift done. Through the research I have done something I have noticed is that this... READ MORE

How Long After Scheduling a Consultation for BBL Can I Have Procedure?

I have scheduled my consultation already. What is the length of time from consultation to actual surgery? READ MORE

Can I Come in for a Consultation During Pregnancy So That I Can Reserve a Spot by Securing Payment to Have my a Bbl?

I already know that I must waite atleast 6 months after giving birth (c-section) before I can have a brazilian butt lift but I wanted to know if it is... READ MORE

Bbl shapes, sizes, and terminology

I've been wondering about how to communicate exactly what I want to accomplish with my Bbl. When you have a patient coming in for a bbl what's the... READ MORE

Previously asked about weight gain for brazilian lift fat transfer.. (photo)

I had previously asked about brazilian butt lift fat transfer to gain weight to do the procedure. Doctors advised gaining weight was not a good idea,... READ MORE

Questions to Ask My BBL Doctor?

I am clueless of what questions to ask my bbl Doctor! I dont wanna sound to parnoid or like have doubts about his work! Any suggestions? READ MORE

I had a consultation for a Brazilian Butt Lift & I was told my butt is too firm. How can I get my butt softer?

I had a consultation for a brazilian butt lift. I was told my butt is too firm and that I need to soften it up.I tried googling, but can't find a way... READ MORE

Brazilian Butt Lift schedule - What should a person know to prepare for their surgery?

How long after consultation can a person have surgery? Do doctors run tests and have requirements before you can be scheduled? Do a person need to... READ MORE

Bbl or lipo with fat transfer to hips? Same procedure or huge difference? (Photo)

Small build female naturally curvy and petite. 5'1 and about 127lbs.Would like lipo on tummy and above booty to make it stand out more and fill out or... READ MORE

BBL or just lipo? (Photo)

Im getting consults for BBL (using fat from hips, outer thighs) & consults for just lipo of hips, outer thighs. My butt does not have the projection I... READ MORE

I Live in Mass Considering FL Do I Have to Travel for a Consultation?

Hi I Live in Boston and ive been considering DR Salama in Aventura FL,but do I need to travel just for a consultation? I want to see responses from... READ MORE

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