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What Are Possible Causes of Death From A BBL?

What could be the possible causes for death, in a healthy patient if a top Board Certified doctor is performing the surgery? READ MORE

Why Am I Feeling Soreness in my Butt when I Sit Down After my 6 Weeks Bbl Surgery?

Why Am I Feeling Soreness in my Butt when I Sit Down After my 6 Weeks Bbl Surgery? READ MORE

What causes burns in Liposuction?

I've seen BBL cases where the girls end up with burns. What causes this ? And how can I avoid this from happening to me? I'm not about to spend... READ MORE

Fluid Build Up After Fat Transfer to the Buttocks 7 Months Ago. Is This Normal?

I had fat transfer to the buttocks 7 months ago. My results are great but my upper back legs keep building fluid where I have to have them drained... READ MORE

Feeling Vibrations 1 Month PO From BBL, What Is This?

Im 5 weeks post op from brazilian butt lift i have vibrations in my buttock area like something is going on  can that growth ? READ MORE

Can someone explain to me why I lost my projection so fast (in less then 3 months)?

I had my procedure done 9 weeks ago and I was very happy with the size I got. Then the projection started to shrink and now I am seeing less and less... READ MORE

What causes migraine / severe headaches after BBL? Does this always happen?

From most of the BBL post-op reviews, the patients complain of severe headaches and migraines in the days following the surgery. Can someone please... READ MORE

How or why do some people lose fat after having fat transfer to their buttocks ?

Hello , I have been looking at different pictures of befores and afters of a Brazilian Butt life/fat transfer. And I noticed that some women starts... READ MORE

Second Butt Lift: Dr. Was Only Able to Get 400 CC Before It Came out of the Incision

This was the same problem as my first procedure. Was there a way he could have stretched the skin to get more in. He extracted much more but couldnt... READ MORE

12 days Post BBL. Looks Like a Little Bubble on Bottom of Left Butt Cheek, What is it?

I had a bbl 12 days ago and it looks like a little bubble on the bottom of my left butt cheek what is it and will it go away? READ MORE

Why do some patients develop burns after liposuction? Can it be prevented?

I am scheduled for a Brazilian butt lift in the fall. I was wondering why some patients develop (sometimes serious) burns on their abdomen after... READ MORE

Should I be worried about skin discoloration?

Hi. I was about to take a shower, I took off my garment and noticed that some of my skin has discoloration. Should I be concerned. My garment was a... READ MORE

brazilian butt lift fat necrosis - How common is it? What causes it?

How common is fat necrosis with BBL? what causes it? How common are fat emboli? READ MORE

I was wondering if a brazilian butt lift, butt augmentation, or other treatment could help with this? (Photo)

I noticed that one side of my cheek is flatter and softer than the other, and I also have a dent near my butt crack. I was wondering if there was if... READ MORE

Burning and painful sensation 10 weeks after BBL. Why is this, and what can be done to help ease the pain? (Photo)

I am almost 11 weeks post op and recently for the laslast two weeks I have a burning and painful sensation in one area of my back. It looks and feels... READ MORE

Menstrual changes after Lipo/BBL?

I am 5 weeks post lipo/BBL. I was scheduled to have my period 2 days after my BBL and it came right on time. I had a regular period with no issues. I... READ MORE

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