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I Had a Buttock Fat Transfer Infection That Was Treated. Now I Feel Another Bump

I had a buttock fat transfer two months ago and developed an infection on my left side my Doctor treated it for three weeks with antibiotics and... READ MORE

Does the Butt Feel Smooth After Brazillian Butt Lift?

All the pictures look great, but does the butt feel bumpy or smooth after a Brazilian Butt Lift? READ MORE

Brazilian butt lift. Could this be an infection?

I had a Brazilian butt lift two weeks ago. How ever on my right buttock I have a red bump. It is hot, red, it feels itchy and it hurts. Could this be... READ MORE

Why is this lump not going away? (Photo)

I had a serious fall down a flight of stairs 3+ yrs ago. It left me a large lump on my upper buttocks. I went to a plastic surgeon to have it fixed... READ MORE

How much activity is too much after BBL?

I'll be 5 weeks post op BBL on Friday, August 5th... We have a yearly county fair in our county and I really want to take my kids... I'm not planning... READ MORE

White fluid like bump 10 days post bbl. What could it be? (Photo)

I had a bbl done out of state 10 days ago yesterday I noticed a bump on my left cheek that is whiter then my skin and has a different texture as far... READ MORE

5 months post BBL , belly is very lumpy and big bump on lower back. What is this? (Photo)

I'm five months post BBL. My self esteem has plummeted as my abdomen and back look deformed. My stomach is very lumpy with no hard bumps and the lump... READ MORE

3 weeks after BBL now. What could have been the reason for a hematoma at a week and 1/2 and could it have caused irregularities?

The bump where one of the injection on the top side of my butt opened up and started bleeding on its own. A lot brownish blood, saw my PS who drained... READ MORE

Earlier I asked about a bump on butt after BBL it turn out to b like a absese finally bust open now 3rd day drainin found 1 more

The bump I originally question about turned into absese and busted I'm on my 3rd day Dr has been packing and letting it drain now I just found another... READ MORE

Bbl done about 4 weeks ago - 2 weeks after a hard bump starts to appear on my butt. (photos)

This bump grew 3 in wide and it felt hot it was full of a fluid it got to the point of bursting out the fluid I help to squeeze it out then it reduce... READ MORE

I want a "top shelf" butt without looking fake. I'm 5 foot 3 170lbs as of now. (Photos)

With this procedure id like to have fat taken from my back and stomach as much as possible...making and extreme indent /curve affect, id also like fat... READ MORE

Is this normal after lipo? (Photo)

I had lipo stomach n butt fat transfered is this purple bumb and hard normal im really scared READ MORE

Boyfriend bumping me in butt every day (10 days post-op), will it affect final result?

My boyfriends taking care of me and I didn't know he would be this careless. He's bumped my butt almost every day since after surgery and I'm starting... READ MORE

6 months post BBL. Painful bump/knot on center lower back on the "tip" of the "upside down heart" of my new shapely butt?

About a month ago the center area of my upper butt I'd put triangle foam under my garment to get a nice shape started hurting. I thought it was from... READ MORE

I have a bubble bump (sofa not hard) on the left lower butt cheek.

I'm not sure how to ask this question. but i love my BBl but I have a small little issue. My left butt cheeks has a bubble (more fat on lower half)... READ MORE

Fat has become uneven after BBL! What should I do? (Photos)

I did a bbl with implants 10 months ago, I'm pretty satisfied with the result BUT as you can see on my right side the fat is very uneven. There's a... READ MORE

Case where one buttock where fat was grafted has took the shape of a large mass/rounded bump in a part of the buttock? (Photo)

10 days pop, bbl. complained of pain in that specific area and had doc look again he noticed the shape the fat grafted to my left buttock had taken.... READ MORE

Can a bump ruin fat grafts?

It's been 6 days since I had a Brazilian Butt Lift, and I've been SUPER careful so far, but I just banged into the side of a bathroom vanity right on... READ MORE

2 weeks post op BBL worked out now have a bump?

Hello I am 2 weeks today post op from bbl . I stupidly worked out this morning . High incline on treadmill and some free weights with arms I am now... READ MORE

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