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12 areas of lipo . Abdomen, waist, love handle, flanks and bra line lipo with fat transfer to butt. Brazilian butt lift. (photo)

I'm 5-4 135lbs I just want your expert opinion on my my expectation being accurate or way out of my possibilities. How much fat cc can I expect to... READ MORE

Can I get a Brazilian butt lift with extra lipo to arms, inner thighs, and back bra line in one day?

Im 220 i want to be about 160 but have the surgury take me down to about 180. if possible READ MORE

27 yrs old, no kids, 5'5, weight fluctuates from 160-170 pounds. Feeling a bit down. Am I a good BBL candidate? (Photo)

Ola! I am from Canada and I am scheduled for a BBL w BRA ROLL LIPO in November. The doc I am seeing does amazing work, however, the girls seem to Be... READ MORE

Am I able to get a BBL while still keeping a full figure? (photos)

Hello, My body has always held me back from having fun. I embrace that I'm plus size however I want to have more of a fuller bottom. (Larger hips... READ MORE

Waist cincher advise

Which material and brand waist cincher is safe to wear on two weeks pre op surgery? i would like to contour my abdomen, flanks including bra rolls area READ MORE

Wanting BBL. Do I have enough fat to make a BBL look great? (Photo)

I weight 123 and was really wanting a butt. I also need a tummy tuck since my two c sections. I'm done having children and ready to fix my body.... READ MORE

Weight gain for bbl good idea? Scheduled for 7/8. Will be doing lipo of the flanks, abdomen, bra roll and thighs. (photos)

I'm currently 5'4 and 150lbs. I feel huge right now but I still have people telling me I should gain weight for the procedure in order to have the... READ MORE

I had a fat transfer in 201. Fat from sides of hip area to my butt. Also had lipo on my bra roll?

The Dr.. I went to Dr Danial Stein in tamp fl..passed away within weeks of my procedure there was no referral to another follow up dr ....shortly... READ MORE

Will my bra fat be included during lipo with fat transfer to butt? (Photo)

My doctor recommended lipo on hips, abs and back. But will my bra fat be included? Is that considered back fat too? READ MORE

Considering Liposuction with fat transfer and sculpting of my buttock area. (BBL) Can I achieve the result I want? (photo)

In the past, I've had an abdominoplasty with muscle tightening. However, I was not happy with the end result of my tummy tuck. Due to the nature of... READ MORE

Will getting lipo on my back for a BBL ruin my tattoo?

Hello, I have a large tattoo covering majority of my back. I am getting liposuction on my lower back and bra rolls for a BBL. Will that ruin my tattoo... READ MORE

Need advice for a full compression garment post bbl.

Hey RS. So I need some advice on a full to the knee compression garment after my bbl. I had my bbl 3 weeks ago however my surgeon only advises an... READ MORE

I am a 54 y/o woman and have had a flat bottom my entire life. Am I too old for buttocks enhancement?

I just had a revision of a tram flap mastectomy, and and at the pre-op I was told I was in very good health, I am fit active and weigh 115 at 5'3+ " I... READ MORE

I'm wanting to get my boobs done, bbl and liposuction in the stomach, bra rolls, hips, inner thighs.

I am unsure on who to go to and what the price it would be to get this stuff done. I'm also unsure on if I want implants or fat grafting in the boobs. READ MORE

Brazilian butt lift - slept on my back for 2 days

I had liposuction with fat transferred to my butt and hips . I had full liposuction of torso and bra line and flanks and tights . It was very painful... READ MORE

More post weight loss surgery? (Photo)

I have already had a full tummy tuck, as well as a breast lift with augmentation after massive weightloss. My upper abdomen remains loose, and the... READ MORE

Can I do liposuction after a tummy tuck/muscle repair Will Lipo affect the mr Will there be any loss skin after the lipo(photos)

I would really like to get Lipo from under my breast down to my incision line and I'm my flanks plus a bra line lift and fat transfer to my butt.. READ MORE

How much would it cost for a BBL using fat from my bra area?

I did almost 1 1/2 year a mommy makeover. I still have like 15 pounds above my ideal weight. But with the age my but is losing the shape and don't... READ MORE

Had TT, lipo/BBL on 2/4. I still have loose skin, bra rolls & had 300cc transferred to butt cheeks. Will revision help? (Photo)

I'm having a TT revision only and inch of skin will be removed on December 4 along with more lipo on the same area...flanks, bra rolls and some on my... READ MORE

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