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Lose Fat from Working out After Brazilian Butt Lift

Does working out (cardio, jogging, elliptical, pilates) after a Brazilian Butt lift cause you to lose fat from the butt? And if so, do you lose fat... READ MORE

I got a BBL on March 24 And I haven't been wearing my faja. (photo)

I got a BBL on March 24 I wore the compression strap for 4 weeks without taking it off (only to shower) now I have stage 2 faja it's a full body one,... READ MORE

Can I shave before Brazilian Butt Lift and maybe Tummy tuck??

I have a PCOS which causes a hormonal imbalance and excessive hair growth.. I want to get a bbl but I heard you can't shave before surgery.. I shave... READ MORE

Can you continue to do laser hair removal if you get a BBL?

Every couple of months I do laser hair removal for the lower half of the body, will it effect the fat cells in any way? READ MORE

Full body Liposuction for Brazilian Butt Lift- What areas do doctors typically Lipo?

I was wondering what areas are covers for full body lipo when doing a bbl? I am scheduled with Dr. Cortes in huston but when the patient coordinator... READ MORE

Am I a good candidate for a Lipo along with fat transfer to hips and BBL? (photos)

5'4, 145-150lbs BM 25. Can I achieve a smooth hourglass shape with my body type? I want a Small waist round hips, bigger bottom. Just looking to... READ MORE

I am a 20yo Mtf trans woman who is considering a Brazilian butt lift. (photos)

Is it possible to get a flat stomach with my body shape and is it possible to get the hips and butt I desire? One pic is of meach unedited, the other... READ MORE

Is it possible to get a Brazilian butt lift with my body type? (photos)

Is it possible to get a Brazilian butt lift with my body type? If so cost range? READ MORE

Which body part is best for harvesting and transferring fat for buttocks?

Hi, i want to have bbl,lipo,tt this year. i wanna ask which body part is best for harvesting and transfering fat for buttocks? coz i think id read... READ MORE

Do I have enough fat for a bbl? (photos)

I'm 5ft3 and weigh 9.08 stone, I've been told I don't have enough fat for a bbl procedure. I really want it done as I hate the shape of my body from... READ MORE

I was recently told that i could possibly have a bbl and ba at the same, is this true? (photo)

I am going for my first consultation in about a week and i was recently told that i could possibly have a bbl and ba at the same time is this true?... READ MORE

I want a bbl but will I have to gain weight? Are my wish pics realistic with my fat and body type? (photos)

I'm 5'7 and I weigh 160. I've had a consult with a doctor and showed him the new shape I wanted to achieve and he said yes, sure it doable. The... READ MORE

Not enough fat for a BBL, round 2 but lost weight and unhappy with body.

I had a bbl less than a year ago and lost 25 pounds and am now looking for ways to get my body back. I have a little bit of extra fat but not enough... READ MORE

How soon after having a BBL can you stop wearing the body shaper?

The body shaper I'm wearing makes it difficult to breath and is beyond uncomfortable. I had a BBL 5 days ago and I'm considering taking the body... READ MORE

Does the amount of fat you can transfer to the butt depend on the skill of the surgeon? (photos)

I had a BBL and lipo and was only able to get 400cc in each cheek until the fat was oozing out. I was hoping for 800cc. If my surgeon was more... READ MORE

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