Board Certification + Brazilian Butt Lift

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Thinking About Surgery Abroad but Can't Find a List of Certified Plastic Surg. In Dominican Republic?

I want to go to dr Agustina-Hilario-Duran I'm santo Domingo. Here is the thing I can't find information on here except from here. I need to know this... READ MORE

How I Can Verify a Doctor Has a Licence to Work?

I went to seduction cosmetic surgery en Doral city. And Dr patrick Z Abuzeni works there. When I saw the web said he is board cert. But when I put his... READ MORE

Is It Ok to Be Operated for BBL by a GS Board Certified Rather Than PS Board Certified?

I found some great Plastic Surgeon who have great before and after pictures, but some of them are only GS Board certified and not PS board certified.... READ MORE

Planning BBL Procedure: How Many Procedures is Considered "Experienced"?

I am interested in a Brazilian buttock enhancement. The board certified plastic surgeon that I have had another procedure with has done about 12 of... READ MORE

Why am I still losing fat 3 years after having a Brazilian Butt lift?

I had a Brazilian but lift a little over three years ago. I lost most of the transferred fat the first year, but have continued to lose fat in... READ MORE

Where Are the Board Certified Plastic Surgeons Who Specialize in BBL in NYC? (photo)

I want to do BBL but am having trouble finding multiple doctors in NYC who "specialize" in BBL. I want a doctor who does at least 4 a week and has... READ MORE

With the BBL Procedure...or Any Surgery for That Matter. Board Certified? Out of the Country? Licensing & Equivalent? (photo)

I speak with courage & candidly. I see absolutely phenomenal BBL results here a few DRs from the US & there seems to be more providers in... READ MORE

Is There a Difference in Being an American Board Surgeon and an American Board Plastic Surgeon?

I am 2 weeks away from having the Brazilain Butt Lift Procedure and I've been reading on my surgeons website and I noticed it said... Board Certified:... READ MORE

Who is best for BBL, a doctor who is certified by ABPS, or ABS?

Considering BBL, when choosing a Doctor, what are the pros and cons of choosing a Doctor who is Board- certified by the American Board of Plastic... READ MORE

Do I need to go to a board certified surgeons to get Brazilian butt lift or can I just go to a Cosmetic surgeon?

Hi I was I go thin king to get a Brazilian butt lift But can to cosmetic surgeon or must board certified surgeon? Also I am worry about any harmful... READ MORE

My doctor is not a BC plastic surgeon, but received the training to perform a Brazilian Butt Lift. Is he qualified? (photos)

When I was researching for a doctor for my bbl. I found Dr Oscar Aguirre, in his website he states that he got trained by the creator/inventor of the... READ MORE

Does your doctor have to be a board certified in plastic surgery to perform liposuction and BBL procedure?

I had a consult with a doctor today for a BBL. He does his procedures under local anesthesia in a room located in his office building. He is an... READ MORE

Does a doctor have to be on the Board of plastic surgeons to be known to do a good job on BBL?

My doctor that I have chosen is not on the board of plastic surgeons. What does that mean to be on the board of plastic surgeons? Why is it important?... READ MORE

Am I a candidate for a bbl or do I need implants? (photos)

I really want an hourglass body, I workout very hard but I can't seem to achieve it. I would prefer a bbl under local anesthesia bc I have a heart... READ MORE

General surgeon that's board certified or board certified doctor in plastic surgery for a BBL?

Hi! I have been searching around for good surgeon but I get confused with the titles. I originally wanted to go with Dr. Miami but his rude staff... READ MORE

I believe that my Doctor can do a good job. But he just doesn't have any before/after pictures. Should I schedule with him?

This particular doctor is board certified. His office is located in a hospital thus having hospital privileges, several in fact. I believe that he can... READ MORE

What makes a PS experienced with BBL?

I have seen several PS for consultations. One has only did 4 Bbl surgeries and a second PS does about 24 per year for the past 3 years. Then there is... READ MORE

No ABPS or ASPS certification, but excellent results & reviews...

I am researching for a BBL procedure. I spent A LOT of time reading reviews, before/after pictures, and researching the importance of the major board... READ MORE

Verifying credentials & facilities in Mexico... Any suggestions?

I know how to verify if Doctors are Board Certified in U.S. but how do I verify credentials/board certifications for Mexico As well as verify the... READ MORE

Can a BBL be done in multiple sessions?

I went to a board certified surgeon, I didnt want general Anethesia. He offered to do it under local anesthesia where I could return to work in 2 days... READ MORE

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