Board Certification + Brazilian Butt Lift

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Thinking About Surgery Abroad but Can't Find a List of Certified Plastic Surg. In Dominican Republic?

I want to go to dr Agustina-Hilario-Duran I'm santo Domingo. Here is the thing I can't find information on here except from here. I need to know this... READ MORE

How I Can Verify a Doctor Has a Licence to Work?

I went to seduction cosmetic surgery en Doral city. And Dr patrick Z Abuzeni works there. When I saw the web said he is board cert. But when I put his... READ MORE

Is It Ok to Be Operated for BBL by a GS Board Certified Rather Than PS Board Certified?

I found some great Plastic Surgeon who have great before and after pictures, but some of them are only GS Board certified and not PS board certified.... READ MORE

Why am I still losing fat 3 years after having a Brazilian Butt lift?

I had a Brazilian but lift a little over three years ago. I lost most of the transferred fat the first year, but have continued to lose fat in... READ MORE

Planning BBL Procedure: How Many Procedures is Considered "Experienced"?

I am interested in a Brazilian buttock enhancement. The board certified plastic surgeon that I have had another procedure with has done about 12 of... READ MORE

Where Are the Board Certified Plastic Surgeons Who Specialize in BBL in NYC? (photo)

I want to do BBL but am having trouble finding multiple doctors in NYC who "specialize" in BBL. I want a doctor who does at least 4 a week and has... READ MORE

With the BBL Procedure...or Any Surgery for That Matter. Board Certified? Out of the Country? Licensing & Equivalent? (photo)

I speak with courage & candidly. I see absolutely phenomenal BBL results here a few DRs from the US & there seems to be more providers in... READ MORE

bbl post-op 4 days, dr did liposuction and placed fat in my butt and my face - I am too swollen can I sleep sideways? (photos)

My doctor is a double american board certified doctor with 27 years of experince i checked his reviews . My tummy looked indented like a crimpled... READ MORE

Is There a Difference in Being an American Board Surgeon and an American Board Plastic Surgeon?

I am 2 weeks away from having the Brazilain Butt Lift Procedure and I've been reading on my surgeons website and I noticed it said... Board Certified:... READ MORE

Who is best for BBL, a doctor who is certified by ABPS, or ABS?

Considering BBL, when choosing a Doctor, what are the pros and cons of choosing a Doctor who is Board- certified by the American Board of Plastic... READ MORE

Do I need to go to a board certified surgeons to get Brazilian butt lift or can I just go to a Cosmetic surgeon?

Hi I was I go thin king to get a Brazilian butt lift But can to cosmetic surgeon or must board certified surgeon? Also I am worry about any harmful... READ MORE

My doctor is not a BC plastic surgeon, but received the training to perform a Brazilian Butt Lift. Is he qualified? (photos)

When I was researching for a doctor for my bbl. I found Dr Oscar Aguirre, in his website he states that he got trained by the creator/inventor of the... READ MORE

Does your doctor have to be a board certified in plastic surgery to perform liposuction and BBL procedure?

I had a consult with a doctor today for a BBL. He does his procedures under local anesthesia in a room located in his office building. He is an... READ MORE

Does a doctor have to be on the Board of plastic surgeons to be known to do a good job on BBL?

My doctor that I have chosen is not on the board of plastic surgeons. What does that mean to be on the board of plastic surgeons? Why is it important?... READ MORE

Am I a candidate for a bbl or do I need implants? (photos)

I really want an hourglass body, I workout very hard but I can't seem to achieve it. I would prefer a bbl under local anesthesia bc I have a heart... READ MORE

General surgeon that's board certified or board certified doctor in plastic surgery for a BBL?

Hi! I have been searching around for good surgeon but I get confused with the titles. I originally wanted to go with Dr. Miami but his rude staff... READ MORE

Verifying credentials & facilities in Mexico... Any suggestions?

I know how to verify if Doctors are Board Certified in U.S. but how do I verify credentials/board certifications for Mexico As well as verify the... READ MORE

I believe that my Doctor can do a good job. But he just doesn't have any before/after pictures. Should I schedule with him?

This particular doctor is board certified. His office is located in a hospital thus having hospital privileges, several in fact. I believe that he can... READ MORE

What makes a PS experienced with BBL?

I have seen several PS for consultations. One has only did 4 Bbl surgeries and a second PS does about 24 per year for the past 3 years. Then there is... READ MORE

What are the chances of death from plastic surgery with a double board certified plastic surgeon?

I am getting plastic surgery in 5 days. A Brazilian butt lift & chin lipo. I just wanted to know what the chances are of a complication or death... READ MORE

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