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Brazilian Butt Lift, BMI is 29, is This Too High? (photo)

My BMI is around a 28-29. I am 5"9, 195-200lbs (depends which scale).... I would like to get my waist, upper back, arms, inner and outter thighs, as... READ MORE

Is there an ideal BMI for Brazilian Butt Lift?

I think I've read less than 30? Does this vary depending on how your weight is distributed? For instance, My BMI is almost 31 right now (5'6", 190),... READ MORE

Least BMI or Fat Percent Before BBL?

Iam on weightloss plan and still have 10 kg (30% fat) to reach my perfect weight(25% fat ) , iam scared to reach a stage where doctor will tell me... READ MORE

Are there any docs that do BBL on patients with a high BMI, around 40?

My weight goes up and down on a day to day basic I'm looking for a plastic surgery dr that does lipo and bbl for June 2 2015 READ MORE

If my BMI is over 35, can I still have surgery?

My BMI is 37.6 my Sx Doctor said it shouldn't be over 35 if I can't lose these last couple pounds will this stop me from having surgery. READ MORE

I would like between 1500-1800 cc's per cheek and hips...I'm 5'7 232 pounds with a BMI of this possible? (photo)

Non-Diabetic and I have no medical history of illness...Is this feasible? I have very large thighs so I think it would compliment a bigger rear than... READ MORE

I'm researching BBL. I'm out of state, how long do I need to stay? Also, is there a recommended diet to lose weight?

I'm researching BBL. When out of state, can my husband stay in a recovery house/facility w/me? Do I need to stay until I receive PO massages, can any... READ MORE

What should be my BMI before surgery? (Photo)

Again I'm looking for a Dr to give me a bbl. I've seen 4 Doctors in LA with the price of about 15000 and not one of them had good pictures of the bbl.... READ MORE

I'm a 23 year old transgender woman and have been on hormones for 3 years now.

I picked up a lot of weight since i started hormones and through exercise and a healthy diet i have lost some weight but have a lot of problem... READ MORE

Bmi requirements for bbl/fat transfer and cost?

I'm also considering getting a BBL/ fat transferred from stomach to buttocks. Currently weighing about 140lb - 5ft 6in. With a average but athletic... READ MORE

What would be the highest BMI acceptable for the Brazilian Butt Lift with lipo?

What would be the highest BMI acceptable for the BBL with lipo and fat transfer not implants.... I'm currently on my weight loss journey and have lost... READ MORE

Do I have enough fat for a Brazilian butt Lift? (photos)

Please help me make the right decision. Im look for a round butt with projection and a little more hips if possible. ..... Im 5ft 7in I weigh in at... READ MORE

How do I not have enough fat for a BBL? (Photos)

How do I not have enough fat for a bbl if your body's fat cells only swell up when you gain weight not multiply in the fat cells? is it easier for... READ MORE

What is a good BMI to be eligible for a BBL?

My body mass is currently 32% should I loose weight first ? I'm 5'3 198 READ MORE

Is BMI important for body contouring and Brazilian Butt Lift? (photos)

A dr told me my bmi is about 34. I'm wanting body contouring and bbl and probably tummy tuck. Some drs told me to gain a couple lbs for the butt I was... READ MORE

Plus Size Bbl - I'm 5'8 250 lbs. (photo)

I only want full back,flanks and waistline liposuction with fat transfer. I don't want any abdominal lipo because I plan on a tummy tuck in the future... READ MORE

What BMI is required for BBL/Fat transfer? Do you factor body composition too along with BMI? (Photo)

I'm 5'4" and want to know what weight I need to be to have a BBL/Fat Transfer. I'm very chesty. Breast are a very full 38 DDD . I've gained a lot of... READ MORE

Is a high BMI ok if one is considering a Brazilian butt lift??

I am considering having a bbl. I'm 5'1 and my bmi is 35. I'm considered obese. I'm apple shaped, heavy top with a small bottom. I want a bbl but don't... READ MORE

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