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Is it true that your butt gets bigger (fluffs) after a Brazilian Butt Lift?

I was told that there is a process called "fluffing" which occurs after a Brazilian Butt lift. I was told the butt gets bigger and "fluffs".... READ MORE

How Can I Get an Booty Like This.. Similar to Rosa Acosta

How can i get a body like video vixen rosa acostas. she doesnt have too much but its nice. i also like kim kardashian's butt beyonce's abs and... READ MORE

Warnings Before Having a Brazilian Butt Lift?

Im 21 years old and very petite. I have little stubborn fat around my stomach and on the sides of my waist. I am interested in having the Brazilian... READ MORE

Is fluffing a myth? (photos)

I had a bbl done 34 days ago. I loved the initial results but knew they wouldn't stay. Over the last two days I lost a lot of volume. I read about the... READ MORE

If I Gain Wait After A BBL, Will My Results Change?

Becuase the number off cells transfer to the butt will be more than before i wonder if any adding weight will make the cells bigger then the butt... READ MORE

Will Heavy Weight Lifting Make my Butt Bigger?

I just had a bbl six weeks ago im still not happy with the size sense the swelling went down if i do heavy weight squats ect with it look bigger or... READ MORE

I Want a VERY LARGE Size Butt but I Don't Know if I Have Enough Fat To Transfer? (photo)

I am about 5'5 and 135 pounds.I have stomach of a 3-4 month pregnant woman, in my thighs i have a fair amount of fat it is not TOO big but not TOO... READ MORE

How Long Do I Have to Wait Between Brazilian Butt Lift Procedures?

I had my brazilian butt lift on 4/1. I had 500 ccs transfered to each buttock, and wondering how long do I have to wait before I go in for a second... READ MORE

Can I Do Butt Exercises Post BBL to Build Muscle Prevent Sagging and Make Butt Bigger?

I had a bbl 7 weeks ago. Very happy with results and now I am thinking long term Can I do butt exercises now to increase the size of the muscle to... READ MORE

When will my butt drop and fluff? (photo)

I'm almost 6 weeks post op; I've been maintaining 42" around my hips/butt. I've heard the term "drop and fluff" when it comes to a BBL. Around what... READ MORE

No Roundness Outcome in BBL? (photo)

I didn't get the roundness I was looking for from my BBL. I see many women right after surgery have round butts. I asked my surgeon he said to give it... READ MORE

Can I Take Butt Pills After my Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery to Enlarge the Size?

Is it safe to take butt pill after having the bbl done to enlarge the size because the doctor didn't inject the amount that was planned? READ MORE

4 weeks post BBL, one cheek is lower and harder than the other. Any suggestions? (photos)

Hey, I had my surgery exactly 4 weeks ago and I noticed that my right butt cheek is very well rounded, it has softened up and is bigger than the left.... READ MORE

I'm 7 days post up and it looks that my butt is shrinking. Will it get smaller? (photos)

I have added pictures of my before and after. Eventhough my butt looks rounder it was bigger the first day after my surgery. I know that swelling and... READ MORE

Drastic Changes Brazilian Butt Lift, Without Unnatural Appearance?

I'd like the biggest butt possible, with an appealing shape, without it being obvious I had work done. Implants aren't ideal as i hear they... READ MORE

What Are My Options To Increase The Size Of My Small Butt?

I hate the way i look in jeans and clothes, i want a more bigger butt with out implants, what is it a Brazilian butt lift but how much fat will i... READ MORE

3 weeks post o Brazilian Butt Lift, it left me with no butt crease. Is this shape permanent? (photos)

I just had a tt with lipo and a Brazilian butt lift 3 weeks ago. I know it's still very soon but I am extremely concerned with what I see. What I... READ MORE

Desperately in need of a bigger butt small waist and flat stomach. Affordable. Any suggestions? (photos)

I always had a pug since I was 10 it would never go away I finally had a baby and I wear corset for 2week but my stomach didn't go down much,, I still... READ MORE

Am I a candidate for a BBL or Butt Implants? I'm tall, skinny, no fat, tailbone sticks out. Best way to enlarge it? (photo)

I am really unhappy with my flat butt appearance and I don't feel comfortable with my tailbone always sticking out. I have done squats for a year and... READ MORE

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