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Will Gaining Weight Help With Fat Transfer to the Butt?

I am 5'2" 28 yo I lost about 20 lbs over the last year I had a child in 2010 and 2011 I gained 14 pounds with each pregnancy and lot that plus more I... READ MORE

Brazilian Butt Lift for Leg and Back Pain?

I need a Brazilian Butt Lift because my butt has no shape. My butt and legs meet as one, causing back and leg pain. Can insurance pay for this, as I... READ MORE

I Am 5'4" and Around 120-125 (Always) I Want a Breast Aug and a BBL. Do I Look As Though It Might Be a Benefit? (photo)

I'm really invested in getting this procedure done but Im having the absolute hardest time gaining weight. O.O I'm naturally just not that into food... READ MORE

I want a big round ass that sits up with a thin waist and tiny arms. How can I benefit from a Brazilian Butt Lift? (photos)

I want a big round ass that sits up with a thin waist and tiny arms. How can i benefit from a bbl? Please respond asap only if you can give me my... READ MORE

Working out Before Surgery?

The Brazilian Butt Lift is the procedure I will be having, prior to setting an appointment I have been doing some depth research. Something that I... READ MORE

Would I benefit from a BBL? I don't want huge hips just the booty. I really want the tiny waist/hips and a round bum. (Photo)

I'm pretty chunky on the hips and I'd like to remove all the fat from my hips as much as possible. I want small hips and a round bum but not a huge... READ MORE

I have pain in my lower back , right butt cheek sometimes left , and hip .Would I benefit from a brazillian butt lift?

I use to have a bigger nice round butt. And it seems to get smaller and smaller but my hips seems to be gaining weight. Its like my butt is getting... READ MORE

Will I benefit from a Brazillian Butt lift and be able to improve my body contour? (photo)

I am currently 5'3, 155 lbs, was originally seeking Liposuction then realized maybe I can do a Brazillian Butt lift that way I can benefit from the... READ MORE

Should I work out prior to having my surgery? (photos)

I am planning on getting butt implants with lipo with some fat injected to my buttocks and hips, some time next year. I am considering joining the gym... READ MORE

Would I benefit from fat injections to the hips for a smooth curve? Skin elasticity not good. (photo)

I lost 90 lbs with gastric bypass years ago so my sin elasticity is not great. Would it be better to just have a lower body lift? I have a dent on the... READ MORE

Are there benefits to using drains post BBL? is Foam/no draining produce better results?

The thought of drainage post liop/BBL scares me. I am worried something can go wrong... why do some doctors use drainage and others don't? Does it... READ MORE

hyperbaric chamber and bbl. Will it help my fat survive?

I had 2 treatments right out of surgery. i am 15 days out now. is there any benefit to having a hyperbaric chamber treatment at this stage? will it... READ MORE

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