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Do I Have Enough Fat for Brazilian Buttlift? 25% Body Fat

Im 5'3 about 145 and last time a checked i had about 25% body fat mostly in my mid section. i was wondering if that was a significant amount for a... READ MORE

I'm Interested in -brazilian-butt-lift but I'm Not Sure if Candidate for the Surgery

I'm only 5'2 and weight 110 pounds i gave birth about 11months ago but I have alot fat in stomach from my pregnancy and love handles on sides... READ MORE

Will a Lot of Abdominal Fat Help with Brazilian Butt Lift?

Is a person who has alot of abdominal fat a good canidate for a brazilain butt lift? READ MORE

How Many CC's is 3 Inches of Stomach Fat? What To Expect From Fat transfer To Butt and Hips?

I am 34-27-33. I want to take off 3 inches from my waist and add it to my butt and hip area. I have no hips. will this work? I am a slim lady too, i... READ MORE

Do I have to pay not only for the BBL but lipo for the belly/thighs/back fat?

If I'm planing on getting BBL an they have to take fat from belly thighs back . I have to pay for not only the BBL plus lipo for the fat ? READ MORE

Results for small girls getting BBL?

I am 5 2" and 110. I really want a BBL but is it possible? I have stubborn lower belly fat and small love handles. I have decent hips I just want more... READ MORE

I Have Some Belly Fat That I Just Cant Get Rid of is Lipo a Good Way to Get Rid of It?

Can some of my belly fat go to my buttocks to make me have a bigger butt READ MORE

Wanting that perfect booty and fat belly gone! Do I have enough fat? (Photo)

Didn't have enough signal before to post pics so I'm trying to do it this way. Do I have plenty of fat for a nice round booty? READ MORE

Multiple Lipo Procedures

I had tummy lipo before, now I want to do a brazilian butt lift. Can I have lipo again in the same area READ MORE

Is there is any hope for this butt? (Photo)

I actually have a consultation. i don't mind the flat buttock as much as the hip/fat protusion. i just want to change the shape.. also am i a V shape... READ MORE

300-450 cc per cheek - I don't want a big butt. (photos)

I am a petite girl. 5'2, 108-110lb and small frame. I scheduled a bbl mainly to remove unwanted belly fat and the transfer is just a bonus. So I don't... READ MORE

Losing the weight for BBL with fat grafting to hips and butt? (photos)

Im 5'7 and i weigh 230lbs. I mostly have tummy fat. I love rest of my thick shape, i just want to add a big southern booty lol. So should i lose some... READ MORE

Using just the fat from my stomach can I have the buttocks on the right? Do I have enough belly fat for the transfer? (photo)

I am having a lipo of my abdomen and a full tummy tuck. Can I obtain the desired look on the right from what I am actually working with on the left. I... READ MORE

Looking for BBL and Lipo - I weigh 128 pounds and 5' 3. (photo)

Am looking to get a BBL.I have no fat of my thighs. All my fat is in my belly, waist, love handles and flanks. I do want a bigger butt and very skinny... READ MORE

Would I be a good candidate BBL? TT or Lipo? (photo)

Im 29 with 7 kids ( 2 twin pregnancies). Im 5 feet and weigh 160 lbs. I believe Im overweight especially for my height but Im afraid if I lose 40 lbs... READ MORE

I am a 14 year old girl. And I can't achieve the great buttock. I want to know if I can get buttocks surgery?

I have belly fat and thigh fat, and I would like to know if a doctor can use the fat from those areas and move it into my buttocks. READ MORE

I weigh 130lbs and my stomach looks big enough for a fat transfer. Would this amount of fat be enough for good results? (Photo)

I have struggled with my stubborn belly fat forever, I have very little hips and not much booty. I currently weigh around 130 pounds (fluctuating) I... READ MORE

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