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If I Lose About 20-30 Pounds Would I Have Saggy Skin If I Focused On My Midsection More?

I want to get liposuction on entire back, flanks, armpits, and abdomen with fat grafting to the buttocks.  I do not wish to get a TT. I had one... READ MORE

Interested in fat transfer from the abs, flanks, armpit side boob area, to the hips, butt, and outer thigh. (Photo)

It is imperative to inject fat into both upper and lower buttock, while contouring the overall shape of my back view. CONTOURING is highly emphasized,... READ MORE

Did I lose too much weight? (Photo)

I lost 10 lbs to be closer to my goal weight before my brazilian butt lift surgery, do I still have enough fat for a big butt and hips. I'm also... READ MORE

I have been thinking of getting a BBL and breast lift. What would be best for me? (Photo)

I am 20 and I have been thinking of getting a Brazilian but lift and breast lift , I'm 4'10 ,190lbs not sure if I would need a tummy tuck , what would... READ MORE

Where can fat be removed to get a BBL? Can I get more fat taken out from desired areas?

I know when getting a bbl your already getting fat taken out but I was wondering if I can get extra fat taken out from other areas such as the arms,... READ MORE

Enough body fat for brazillian butt lift? (photos)

The middle outer part of my butt cheeks are hollow and i want to have them filled out for a round shape. I want to have fat collected from the back,... READ MORE

Tummy tuck and BBL? Recovery? Scarring? (Photos)

So I posted before but it ended up being a mommy makeover. No really want I want. I want to have a flat sexy belly when I stand sit and bend over not... READ MORE

Would it be safe to get a BBL with the following body parts liposuctioned? Arms, armpit fat, stomach, back, and calves

I know transferring fat from the calves to the butt/hip area wouldn't make much of a difference I just want them skinnier. I gained weight for this... READ MORE

Can fat be taken out from more areas of the body for a BBL and how much fat realistically can you take out from the body?

I am looking to get a BBL but I a more concern of having a shapely body than having a huge behind. I tend to gain fat more so on my upper back, waist... READ MORE

Searching for a doctor in the DR or Miami who can perform a BBL and lipo on a plus size candidate, any suggestions? (Photos)

I'm from Trinidad and Tobago and I'm considering getting lipo (armpit inner-upper arm, flanks/sides/back(please advice based on pics) inner thigh) and... READ MORE

What do I need to do to prepare my body for this procedure?

I'm currently interested in liposculpture; abs, flanks, full back, waist armpits and possibly BBL. I asked another doctor and was told I had to pay a... READ MORE

What's your advice for selecting a Faja/body shaper? Can you recommend a brand? Also which size should I purchase?

What criteria should should a Faja / Body Shaper meet? I'm getting lipo ( stomach, back, arm pits...) and a BBL? I value quality and comfort over... READ MORE

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