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Local Anesthesia for Brazilian Butt Lift?

I am afraid of getting general anesthesia, but want to get a brazilian butt lift. Can it be performed under local anesthesia? READ MORE

Can Local Anesthesia Cause Paralysis or Brain Damage?

I am extremely scared of the risks of anesthesia and my biggest fear is getting brain damage or becoming paralyzed or something...i was wondering if... READ MORE

Brazilian Butt Lift: Scared of Anesthesia and Recovery. What to Expect?

I am scheduled to do the Brazilian Butt Lift with a Board Certified Surgeon in Florida. My fear is, I have NEVER had any type of surgical procedure... READ MORE

Can I Combine Tummy Tuck with Brazilian Butt Lift? What Are The Risks?

Hi ,,im 30 years old ,i weight 124, i have 3 kids, 9, 6,and 4, i had 3 c-setion and i wanted to do the tummy tuck with barazilian butt ,my first... READ MORE

What are the pros and cons for general anesthesia vs iv sedation for a brazillian butt lift?

What are my dangers for iv sedation when considering a brazillian butt lift? READ MORE

I have post nasal drip and acid reflux. Can I get put to sleep safely?

I have post nasal drip and acid reflux. Will I still be able to get my BBL?  READ MORE

Want a Bbl Done Afraid to Wake in Mid Sx As in the Past. What Causes That to Happen?

When I had my first liposuction done I woke up during sx feeling something pulling at my side so I screamed out " I am up and I can hear you" so they... READ MORE

BBL cost in California? (photo)

What are the variables that determine the cost of bbl? And how much should I anticipate to spend for the whole procedure including the anesthesia and... READ MORE

BBL in 5 days! What should I expect directly upon waking?

Hi! I'm extremely nervous about the pain of after my bbl in 5 days after reading so many reviews of people saying as soon as they wake up it feels... READ MORE

Are There Any Surgeons in the NYC/LI Area Who Offer Payment Plans for the Brazilian Butt? (photo)

A college student who refuses to waste her youth without having the body I've awaited always wanted. I'm aware of the risks and just wanted to know if... READ MORE

Doesn't General Anesthesia Cause Alot of Complications That is Why Many Surgeons Now Use Local?

I was always told that general anesthesia causes alot of complications during surgery and that is why many surgeons here in the states as well as out... READ MORE

Which Drug is Used for General Anesthesia for Brazilian Butt Lift, or Any Cosmetic Surgery?

I was reading an article that said the drug isoflurane used as an inhaled anesthetic, can cause Alzheimer's. Another anesthetic desflurane did not... READ MORE

What is a Epidermal Anesthia? Is That Local?

What is a epidermal anesthia is that local or general and is it safe to use for a BBL/liposuction / fat transfer? READ MORE

Since when Have Surgeons Not Put You to Sleep for Cosmetic Surgery?

I am planning on getting a BBL and have gone for a consultation. Have you heard of Brazilian Buttock Lift with PRP? Is this safe? Lisa from Dallas, Texas READ MORE

Is it okay to do Brazilian Butt lift and Neck/Chin Liposuction at the same time? What would the sleeping situation be like?

I'm undergoing a brazilian butt lift in August, and my surgery coordinator said that I could get my neck and chin liposuctioned while I'm under as... READ MORE

BBL anesthesia options. Local anesthesia?

What are the options for anesthesia? Want lipo and fat transfer bbl. Too afraid to be put to sleep. Are there diff local anesthesia? READ MORE

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