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Concerned BBL Paitent. Wanted 800, but Only Got 500 in Each Cheek? (photo)

I wanted 800cc in each bum cheek. After the surgey I woke up and I was imformed that there was only 500 cc in each cheeck due to the fact that 1000 cc... READ MORE

How Many Ccs Do You Think I Might Need? (photo)

Hi I am 5'5 and weight 170 lbs, My butt is saggy and square, I just waant to get an approximate estimate of how many ccs I would need to get a big... READ MORE

Will 400-500 Cc's of Fat Transfer to my Butt Be Enough for my Bbl? (photo)

I'm scheduled for bbl but my surgeon estimates he could only transfer 400-500 cc's to each cheek since I had a TT last year and don't have as much fat... READ MORE

How Many Cc's Would I Need to Achieve These Wish Pics with BBL? (photo)

Hi, I'm 29, 130-140lbs, 5'4" and I'd love to have the BBL done. I'm wondering how many CC's I would need to transfer for my wish pics. I would like to... READ MORE

Brazilian Butt Lift, is 800-900cc's Per Buttock a Reasonable Amount? How Much Will I Retain Long-term? (photo)

I am 5'9", 150 lbs (female). I have too much fat around my abdomen and lower back (from pregnancies). I've seen awesome-looking "after" photos where... READ MORE

Is 500cc's on Each Cheek Enough for a Brazilian Butt Lift? (photo)

Ok so im 29years old height is 5'7 & 184lbs and am a mother of 3 with 2 previous C-sections. I have always been ashamed of my figure I have what... READ MORE

How Small Can a Doctor Make Your Waist from Lipo?

Hey, okay so in my lower weights my waist goes to about 22 - 23". Right now my waist is 27". Would a doctor be able to suck those 4 - 5 " using... READ MORE

What's a Safe and Legal Amount of Fat to Lipo and Inject into the Buttocks in FL?

I keep reading about Cc and how many cc are being injected ... 800, 1000 ... And that makes me wonder whats the safe and also legal amount in Florida?... READ MORE

How Long Do I Have to Wait Between Brazilian Butt Lift Procedures?

I had my brazilian butt lift on 4/1. I had 500 ccs transfered to each buttock, and wondering how long do I have to wait before I go in for a second... READ MORE

What Weight Would You Consider Appropriated Getting a Brazilian Butt Lift if Wanting 1200cc - 1400cc? (photo)

I'm 5'2, 168 pounds not sure of my measurements but have displayed a picture of myself standing side ways as my default. I gain weight fluently but... READ MORE

Brazilian Butt Lift - Will 350cc Each Side Make a Difference?

I was told by my PS that I could have a possible maximum of 700cc total with my lipo of 4 areas after centrifuge. Is this enough to make a difference.... READ MORE

My Wish is to Have Vida Guerra Type Booty, how Many Cc's? (photo)

So I'm getting bbl in march 15, I'm 5'3 140lbs.28 inches waist ,38 inches it possible 900cc? READ MORE

How Much Fat is Needed for a Brazilian Buttlift?

I AM 5'7 AND 140. I def am a good 15 pounds over an ideal body type, but is that enough to have a successfull BB-lift? I do not want a Brazilian... READ MORE

How Much Fat Can Be Removed During a Brazilian Butt Lift?

I am scheduled for an appt locally for a BBL, but I'd like to get some realistic answers so I know what to expect. I know one procedure is cheaper. I... READ MORE

How Many Ccs Do You Think I Can Get into Each Buttock? (photo)

Hey BBL sisters and attending PS! I have been interested in BBL for a long time and needed some advice! - i am 23 years old - 5 feet - approx. 127lbs.... READ MORE

CCs for Brazilian Butt Lift. What Does It Mean?

I spoke with a Dr recently and he said he can extract 1000 cc's out of me. I was kind of confused what does Dr's usually mean by that when... READ MORE

How Many CC's Would I Need to Go from 34' Hips to 40' with Fat Transfer? (photo)

I am 5'7 160 lbs... I ask because I don't know if I need to gain any weight or not before surgery to achieve my desired results. READ MORE

Is 500 to 600 Cc's for Bbl Worth the Pain and Cost?

Knowing that 30% of the harvest fat would not survived would getting only 500-600 ccs of fat give the desire look of small waist and nice plump booty?... READ MORE

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