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Is It Important To Massage After Brazilian Butt Lift?

Is massages important or necessary after a brazilian butt lift? How important are they? READ MORE

Heading Back to Work After BBL, What Can I do to Prevent Damage While Sitting all Day at my Desk?

I got my bbl last we and its almost time for me to go back to work.problem is that I work in a office whcih is sitting down 8 hrs a mon to fri ..what... READ MORE

How Beneficial is It to Have Massages After a Brazilian Butt Lift? How Soon After the Surgery Should They Be Done?

I keep hearing that people who have had the surgery are getting massages done. What areas are massaged and when? Thanks! READ MORE

How to Lay Down After BBL and Breast Implant Revision and Time for Recovery? (photo)

How to Lay Down After Multiple Surgeries? I'm having Brazilian Butt Lift, with transfer fat , and replacement off my Breast Implants for a bigger... READ MORE

What Supplies Do I Need for BBL?

I'm looking to do bbl this spring but what supplies do I need before and after surgery? READ MORE

What to Do for Hard Tight Feeling in Butt and Legs After BBL>

My Butt feels tight and hard while walking 5days post bbl.What do I do for pain? I drink lots of water and walk around my home every few hours nothing... READ MORE

What is the best kind of corset to wear after liposuction of the abdomen, flanks, back and bra-line?

I have to get traditional liposuction because my fat will be transferred to my butt and hips. I just want a corset, not a full bodysuit. What material... READ MORE

Traveling For BBL, How Long Should I Stay After Surgery?

Hi, So i decided to go with Moises Salama in FL in April.... I live in Va.... How long should i stay? Is Max 5 good enough? READ MORE

What to Expect with Brazilian Butt Lift and Hip Augmentation?

Hello, My question is what can i expect from fat grafting to butt and hips post op? -Is the aftercare different than just having a bbl? -How... READ MORE

Will Using a Heating Pad After Brazilian Butt Lift Give Adverse Effect on Belly & Butt?

I heard that the belly and butt are sore after bbl.. Is it ok to lay onto of warm heating pad for belly and place another heating pad across butt? To... READ MORE

What Can I Do to Increase Fat Survival in a Brazilian Butt Lift?

I would like to know if there is anything I can do to increase the chance of fat survival. Maybe take some vitamins to encourage colagen production?... READ MORE

Is It Recommended to Have the Butt Massaged After Fat Transfer for BBL and if So How Soon?

I feel a small lump on the right side and don't want any escalated issues if I'm suppose to have it massaged. I'm going into 4 weeks and... READ MORE

How Soon After BBL & Liposuction Can I Drive and How Long Should I Plan for Recovery?

Im having lipo to flanks, inner thighs & stomach w/fat transfer to buttocks. Generally, how soon after can I drive myself a few miles for post op... READ MORE

Should I Get an Ergonomic Kneeling Chair for my Office? Will That Help with my BBL & TT? (photo)

I had surgery 2/8/13. I plan to go back to work on 2/20/13. Should I get an ergonomic kneeling chair for my office? Will that help with my BBL &... READ MORE

What Position and Equipment Can I Use 4 Best Results for my Bbl and Breast Lift W/implants? (photo)

I plan on getting a Brazilian butt lift + fat transfer to hips (full body lipo -- arms, axilla, flanks, upper and lower back, upper n body abs, inner... READ MORE

How Long Should You Stay at a Recovery House if You Are Having a Brazilian Butt Lift Done by a Doctor That is Not in Your Area?

I am not asking about the overall time that you would need for recovery of a bbl. I just want to know the minimum amount of time you should be around... READ MORE

I Want my Brazilian Butt Lift to Last for at Least Ten Years. What is This Dependent On?

Besides keeping my weight stable and living a healthy lifestyle, how does a succesful brazilian butt lift depend on the skill of the surgeon? Are... READ MORE

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