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I Want to Get a Brazilian Butt Lift but I Heard It Goes Away in Time, Is This True?

I wanted to get it but can i work out and stuff and still have my butt not go down, i want to have a nice slimmer body with a ounder buttÉ what... READ MORE

When Does Most of the Fat Absorb After Fat Transfer to Buttocks?

I had fat transfer almost 2 months ago and although none of the fat has really abosrbed im wondering when i can know for sure that the fat took READ MORE

Had Bbl 2 Weeks Ago and Feel Like Im Losing Volume Already?

Hi, i had my bbl 2 weeks ago and for some reason i feel like im losing volume already, i got 1500 cc in each cheek, i know is probably the swelling is... READ MORE

What Are Some Ways to Reduce Fat Absorbtion After a Brazilian Butt Lift?

I'm having surgery in May and am trying to prepare for surgery. I'm wondering what ways I can assure that as little fat will be absorbed as... READ MORE

What's a Safe and Legal Amount of Fat to Lipo and Inject into the Buttocks in FL?

I keep reading about Cc and how many cc are being injected ... 800, 1000 ... And that makes me wonder whats the safe and also legal amount in Florida?... READ MORE

Will A PRP Injection Increase Longevity Of Fat Transfer?

Hi .. my Dr says if fat injection for (a second Brazilian butt lift )is combined with PRP injection the fat would not disappear is that truth ? thank you READ MORE

Can BBL Help Ease the Pain of Me Sitting on my Boney Butt and is There a Higher Possibility of Fat Absorption in Asians?

I'm 5'2 I weight 130 but I look really fat on top especially my mid section, and back, I have been contemplating on a BBL because I have no... READ MORE

Is the Amount of Fat Absorbed Less if Injected Under the Muscle?

I'm thinking about getting the Brazilian Butt Lift for a very long time and I've heard that fat gets reabsorbed back into the body anywhere... READ MORE

I Have a Low Rbc. (11.4) Could This Mean That I Will Absorb Fat when I Get a Butt Lift?

I'm Schd. to have a brazillian butt lift Nov 1, 2011. I have stopped smoking today. My rbc is 11.4. I'm wooried about losing the fat that will... READ MORE

Exactly What Does BBL Fat Absorption Look Like?

What is the difference between fat resorption and fat necrosis? Can you please describe what each looks like? Is there pain or discoloration involved?... READ MORE

PO 20 days, any way to aid reabsorption? When will it get soft? Thigh lipo not done? Should i get a revision? (Photo)

I didnt want hips added & wanted 400 cc max bc i wanted to reshape and have conservative results. Staff claims inner thigh lipo was done but no... READ MORE

What vitamins would be good to take to help keep fat transfer from absorbing?

Scheduled for BBL Dr. Said he would only put 350cc in each butt cheek. This worries me because that is not that much. Wondering if there's anything I... READ MORE

Spanked hard on butt cheek 21 weeks after BBL, causing a handprint/minor raised red marks. Will fat reabsorb?

A girl spanked my hard on my butt in the gym, I was wearing only a bathing suit with an exposed buttcheek. I am 21 week post op. There is a minor... READ MORE

Why am I still losing fat 3 years after having a Brazilian Butt lift?

I had a Brazilian but lift a little over three years ago. I lost most of the transferred fat the first year, but have continued to lose fat in... READ MORE

My grafted fat reabsorbed, should I try a second time and expect better results?

I had a lipo with bbl 9 months ago, only 400cc each buttock. My overall shape is a little better but I have some dents in the worked area and most of... READ MORE

Can more fat be reabsorbed after 3 months post Brazilian butt Lift? It looks misshapen with large horizontal dents

I had a BBL 3 months ago & there was a lot of fat injected on the top half of the butt & not much on the bottom. There's even a big dent beneath where... READ MORE

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