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Can 800cc of Fat Be Transfered to the Butt?

Iam going to have liposuction in my abs and hips, and they are going to take out 4000cc (4L) and I want to transfer as much fat to my butt, so how... READ MORE

Doctor Recommendation for Brazilian Butt Lift

I have a vacation coming up the end of September and I decided that I want to get my BBL and lipo on my upper and lower abs, love-handles, upper and... READ MORE

Any Areas That Doctors Do Not Recommend Getting Fat Grafted?

I am 5'1, 120 lbs, and have been researching BBL doctors. I've had a couple doctors suggest areas to be fat grafted for this procedure but... READ MORE

Can a Previously Liposuctioned Area be Used for Donor Fat for a Brazilian Butt Lift?

I had liposuction in my flank area about 11 years ago and am now considering a Brazilian Butt Lift. The primary donor areas will be my flanks, upper... READ MORE

What's the best body condition for Brazilian butt lift? Stay muscular or get soft? (Photo)

8 months ago I was very fit @ 138 lbs with stubborn fat on my back and abs. I wanted to do the fat transfer to butt. But now, after months of not... READ MORE

Abs Look Pouchy After Brazilian Butt Lift

I had BBL done 5 days ago (lipo abs & lower back) and Im so upset with the way my abs look. Will my abs eventually flatten? READ MORE

Interested in fat transfer from the abs, flanks, armpit side boob area, to the hips, butt, and outer thigh. (Photo)

It is imperative to inject fat into both upper and lower buttock, while contouring the overall shape of my back view. CONTOURING is highly emphasized,... READ MORE

Doc told me to gain about 20 lbs for a Brazilian Butt Lift. What happens if I can't gain it? Will all the fat be lipo out?

I had a consultation with a few doctors for a BBL. Some say its best to gain 20 pounds while others haven't mentioned any weigh gain needed. I've had... READ MORE

Are Brazilian Butt Lift results better with or without using drains?

I had a Bbl done already, my question is what's the difference with using the drain and not using. It seems as if you use the drains you get better... READ MORE

I had tickle lipo of upper/lower abs and flanks with fat transfer to butt 04/18. How long should I wait for another procedure?

How long should I consider waiting before having procedure again with lipo to different areas with another fat transfer to butt? READ MORE

Am I a good candidate for lipo of abs? (photos)

I've lost 40lbs over 8 years but it runs in my family to have loose skin. I will be getting lipo of back and flanks with fat graft to butt. Will I... READ MORE

What does Colombia and Miami offer for BBL patients that cannot be found locally?

50+ year old female, athletic - runner, 145-147 lb, 5'7" BMI 23, Fat % 32.6. Body measurements are 38, 32, 40, wants BBL with liposuction of the waist... READ MORE

Brazilian Butt Lift in 1hr? (Photos)

I had my surgery last week I'm a petite female. 5'2 129 pounds. The dr only got 1800cc(with fluids) and 590cc in each cheek. The lipo area were full... READ MORE

Will I be able to keep my procedure a secret?

I'm getting lipo to the abs, waist and lower back and a bbl and I'm not telling any of my coworkers. I will be returning to work 10 days after my... READ MORE

Will your Butt be BIG or have a visible future when coming out of BBL and Lipo Surgery? (photos)

Just had back, Ab, and Sides Lipo with BBL 6 days ago. After sugery BBL wasn't what was expected felt like I came out with the same Butt it was not a... READ MORE

Will lipo to my abs and flanks now hinder fat grafting & transfer to my butt later on (a year or 2)? (Photo)

I plan to have lipo to my stomach and flanks while undergoing a BR, scar revision and dogear correction sometime soon to enhance the results of a... READ MORE

What's the best way to avoid loose, sagging skin after BBL? (Photo)

When getting a BBL with lipo can you take less fat from the abs and more from other places so that the loose skin in your ab area won't be so gross... READ MORE

I was told that the fat from the flanks and abs is the best fat for a Brazilian Butt Lift. Is this a Myth or a Fact?

I was told that the fat from the flanks and abs is the best fat for a Brazilian Butt Lift and that the fat from other areas would just be reabsorbed... READ MORE

BBL Weight Question. Am I even a candidate?

I am 5' 2.5", 112 lbs female, which puts BMI at approx 20. I have fat on thighs and belly, but obviously not a lot. I really want a bbl but am... READ MORE

Will my bra fat be included during lipo with fat transfer to butt? (Photo)

My doctor recommended lipo on hips, abs and back. But will my bra fat be included? Is that considered back fat too? READ MORE

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