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Brazilian Butt Lift - Will 350cc Each Side Make a Difference?

I was told by my PS that I could have a possible maximum of 700cc total with my lipo of 4 areas after centrifuge. Is this enough to make a difference.... READ MORE

Tummy Tuck and Brazlilian Butt Lift: Has Sitting on Butt Affected BBL Results?

The dr said he was able to place 350cc of fat into each butt cheek. I got a TT consecutively, so I had to be on my back after the surgery & all of... READ MORE

What vitamins would be good to take to help keep fat transfer from absorbing?

Scheduled for BBL Dr. Said he would only put 350cc in each butt cheek. This worries me because that is not that much. Wondering if there's anything I... READ MORE

How soon after a bbl can I have it redone?

I had my first bbl back in 2010. I'm not sure if the doctors choice of method was wrong as far as the fat placement or if my body just reabsorded... READ MORE

Is 350cc good for a 5'6 158lbs female getting a Brazilian Butt Lift? (photos)

I went to a consultation and the surgeon advised I get 350cc in each side for the BBL. After researching and looking in to it I have some concerns. I... READ MORE

Post-op day 6. When do these "bumps" drop? (Photo)

My PS is conservative, although I asked for 500 to 600cc but he only used 350cc. I wanted to do this procedure once and was against inserting frozen... READ MORE

I think to little fat was transfered. What options do I have if my BBL has a poor result?

I am 2 days post op now from my bbl. My question is: 1200cc was taken out and only 350cc was transferred into each cheek.. I go in next week for... READ MORE

Almost 1 month post op after BBL - butt is too large?

I had my procedure done oct 7th and had lipo and a bbl. The amount of fat transferred was 375 cc, which seems conservative from what I have read. I... READ MORE

Brazilian butt lift, am I a good candidate? 5'2", 109 (Photo)

I have a small frame and some excess fat around the abdomen. I'm not looking for a big butt, just more shape. Am I a good candidate? Will 350- 500 cc... READ MORE

Are there different techniques that will allow you to inject more fat and Is it a judgement call on how much to inject? (photo)

3500cc removed; only 350cc per cheek was injected. Most to cover cellulite and fill in areas where there was indentation. I was told the butt seemed... READ MORE

How much ccs do I need for a BBL to make a difference?

I am planning to get a Bbl soon and I think I chose my dr. The only problem is that he says he plans to get at least 350 Ccs in each butt cheek. I'm... READ MORE

How far after a surgery can you get a repeat surgery? (photos)

Lipo of flanks and lower back fat graft to butt 350cc per butt cheek no result READ MORE

What shape /model implants of 360 cc With my figure could I get a hourglass shape going ? (Photo)

Could I go bigger or will I get a good result with 360? Which shape? Oval or round and is there different types of oval &round like model #s ? READ MORE

If you gain weight too quickly, can this limit the amount of fat to be injected bc fat cells are large?

I normally weigh 130 and gained 30 pounds in a few months for BBL. Only 350cc per cheek injected even though 3500 was available due to tightness of... READ MORE

Will 360cc's fill problem area at the top of my butt? (Photo)

I just had an Bbl , used 360cc's. Is this a good 1st dose. I also had full cheeks at the bottom, so upper part is where and needed fat. However, I see... READ MORE

Getting BBL in 3 weeks! Is 350cc in each side enough to make a difference? I want a perky round butt not huge. (photo)

Will 350 in each cheek be enough for a nice round perky booty? I no some won't take so this number seems low. My current weight is 138 and I'm 5'7" READ MORE

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