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Is 200CC Enough for a Round Butt?

I just had a consult and tried to gain as much weight possible! surgeon said he can do 200 cc each; i guess i can't get a big juicy booty with... READ MORE

I had 5 litters of fat transferred to my buttock 6 weeks ago and I don't see results, can I sue? (photo)

I am 5foot 5 in and about 200 lbs my doctor injected 1050 cc in each checks is that enough for me? Dr took 5 litters of fat to my buttocks I... READ MORE

I had a Brazilian Butt Lift of 200cc on each side. Does the fat stay better in place if it's transferring less at once?

So I had BBL, doctor got 400cc's out of me and put 200cc on each side of my butt. He said that fat is more likely to stay and not absorb when... READ MORE

Why Wouldn't my Doctor Go for the Maximum Fat Placement?

I am concerned as my doctor only used 200 cc's in each cheek, knowing that swelling goes down and I would be left with practically nothing. I am a 12,... READ MORE

Fat requirement for brazilian butt lift. Shouldn't this depend on the individuals body frame and the desired look? (photo)

Im 5'7" 150lb with stubborn fat deposits in my abdomen/ flank/ upper back area but my legs are slim. I am aware that once the areas are sculptured and... READ MORE

I'm 5'10 & 125 lbs. I will be getting 200cc/250cc butt implants with Brazilian Butt Lift. Will this implant show the outline?

I don't want anything to drastic or noticeable since i am only 5'0 tall and i weight 125 so i am not totally flat. I plan on putting 200cc or 250cc..... READ MORE

Do I have enough fat for a Brazilian Butt Lift? & Fat transfer to lips? I'm 5'3, 26 years old, and weight 124 lbs.

Lip fat transfer while I have juvaderm in my lips? BUTT: I have pictures of me now and my wish pics and results. I was told I can only get 240ccs to... READ MORE

Will 200cc fat grafting to buttocks be too minimal to make a difference? (Photos)

Will 200cc fat grafting to buttocks too minimal to make a difference? Maybe additional 100cc to hips? READ MORE

When will extreme swelling (from BBL) in buttocks go down so I feel comfortable leaving the house?

Hi! I had a bbl performed five days ago. The lipo sites are doing fine, but my bottom is so huge that I'm embarrassed to leave the house. I only had... READ MORE

Can a BBL be done on a patient my size asking for 800-900cc to each butt cheek and 200-250cc fat to each hip side? (Photo)

I'm 5'7.5 tall, 158lbs and my bmi is 24.48. I would like to have curves, hips and projection and volume for my butt but 1 surgeon told me i need to... READ MORE

With a large frame (30 BMI), would it be optimal to have 1500 to 1800cc per cheek, plus 200-300cc on each hip?

After reading so many comments concerning BBL, my interpretation - with a large frame (30BMI) - that 1500 to 1800cc per check plus 200-300cc on each... READ MORE

I don't understand why my doctor only used 215 cc in each cheek when there was extra? (Photo)

I Had a bbl 3 weeks ago. What I don't understand is the doctor only used 215 cc in each cheek. I'm skinny but he still has 3 huge viles of my fat... READ MORE

What surgery should I get to a more feminine body like one of the Kardashians? (Photos)

I'm a boy so ofcourse I'm built like a male, no hips, broad shoulders no curves at all, no booty nothing. I'm thinking about transitioning and instead... READ MORE

I am about 203 pounds and 5'8. Can fat be removed from my breasts and stomach and transferred to my hips and butt?

I have always been very insecure about my size such as I have been blessed with big breast but not so much of my butt. I really want to take fat off... READ MORE

Can I get reinjected 6 weeks after BBL? (Photo)

My doctor was very conservative and only used 215 cc in each cheek. There are 3 viles left over and I don't want to wait 3-6 months to finish with... READ MORE

Dimpling on the buttock after BBL? (Photos)

Hi I have a dimple on my butt cheek because off a vaccination years ago.. i had a bbl done 2 weeks ago and the surgeon done a fat graft.. he put an... READ MORE

I still have lateral gluteal depressions after BBL?

I'll be having round 2 BBL next month or 6 weeks after my initial procedure. Doctor didn't put fat on the lateral gluteal depression. What should I... READ MORE

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