Weight Gain + Brazilian Butt Lift Revision

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How Long Do I Need to Maintain Weight Gain for a BBL (Round2) Should I Get It Bigger Since I Will Loose Added Weight? (photo)

After gaining 11lb for BBL how long do I need to maintain lbs gained? I want to do my part and so DR can have success for my BBL round 2.I want get... READ MORE

I Want to Do a BBL a Second Time but How Much Weight Should I Gain Since They Took a Lot the First Time?

They took out a lot of fat from my stomach n back the first time I had my BBL. All the fat from my butt disappeared, though it looked GREAT in the... READ MORE

Weight gain and BBL procedure. I don't feel like I have enough fat.

I am 5'8 and I weigh 159 pounds. I would like to have a bbl done come early 2015. This would be my second time having the procedure done. The first... READ MORE

Is gaining weight for a second BBL healthy for a fit active person? Is it even possible? How much should I gain? (photo)

HelloI had my revision surgery scheduled for March 23rd, I saw my doctor for pre op, and he said I just don't have enough fat to get to the desired... READ MORE

Surgery canceled due to not having enough fat for revision BBL. Should I gain the 10 pounds recommended? (photo)

HelloI had my revision surgery scheduled for March 23rd, I saw my doctor for pre op, and he said I just don't have enough fat to get to the desired... READ MORE

Interested in getting a second Brazilian Butt Lift surgery: Can my body be formed into my wish pics? (Photos)

I gained 30 pounds for my first procedure. I would like my buttocks bigger and my hips bigger. I want my body formed into my wish pics. Does it look... READ MORE

If you gain a few pounds after BBL, will this weight evenly distribute to your fat cells that are mostly in your butt? (Photo)

So I had two rounds of bbl, one in December 2013 and one last December 2014. I gained about 10 lbs maybe more for my round two and after surgery for... READ MORE

Do I need a BBL revision? Do I just need smart lipo? fat transfer? Somebody please help me. (photos)

Had a bad bbl in 2009 even tho i already had a butt i wanted a little more to my sides an begged he not touch my lower butt (which i loved) he screwed... READ MORE

Should I gain weight before a 2nd round BBL to fix all the irregularities from 1st BBL? (Photo)

Should I really gain weight before a 2nd BBL to fix all the irregularities from my 1st BBL? My Dr. tells me I have to gain at least 10 pounds, to have... READ MORE

When could I get a second round Brazilian Butt Lift? (photos)

I has my bbl on Sept 04 my left side of my bottom butt Is so flat and look so square, no curve at all. And so far i didn't really see the different in... READ MORE

Considering round 2 BBL. Any suggestions? (photos)

Hi I'm considering round 2 bbl because my dr could only put 500cc by side when I think that I have more fat , he told me it was because my skin... READ MORE

How many pound do I need to gain to get a Brazilian Butt lift? I'm 5'6 & 119 lbs.

Hello I am 22 years old 2 kids and 119. Its been 3months after having my son and the weight kinda dropped off like it did with my first child. I got... READ MORE

How fast can in get a revision for bbl?

Got bbl 6 weeks ago, have sag lines in legs from lipo, and gained 5 pounds since bbl. My doctor lipo my thighs anxiety not really stomach area, now... READ MORE

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