Female + Brazilian Butt Lift Revision

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Butt Augmentation Done with Fat Injections. Looks Worse Now. Didn't Know This Could Happen? Need a Fix?

I had a butt augmentation w/fat injections to improve the shape of my butt and to fill in areas where I had cellulite. In recovery I felt my butt. It... READ MORE

Butt Augmentation Redo 3 Years Later?

I had Butt augmentation 3yrs ago but my doctor whom I had cosmetic surgery twice don't want to redo it he says it looks fine to him that I don't need... READ MORE

Liposuction to Abs, Flanks and Back Resulted in Fibrous Tissue: No Good for Revision?

Had lipo of my abs, flanks and back. Post surgery the dr told me that most of the tissue was fibrous & there wasn't much "good" fat. He put in about... READ MORE

Brazilian Buttlift, Am I a Candidate for a Second Round? (photo)

I am 5'4 and I weighted 135 by the time I had my bbl done, the doctor only transferred 260 ccs and the fat didn't survive,my before and after pictures... READ MORE

Had a BBL and my butt is to big for my legs. I want to get a revision. (photo)

I had a bbl done 2015. Don't get me wrong my surgen did a great job. I just think it's to much for my very skinnny long legs. I want a natural big... READ MORE

7 wks post op BBL. When can I go for a revision? What's the worst outcome? (photo)

I've had the worst experience with my bbl sx and at this point am freaked out. Unfortunately I caught an infection during my sx and paid great... READ MORE

Butt and hips are uneven after BBL 3 mo ago. Can this be fixed by injecting more fat to the hip that is flatter? (photo)

I feel one hip is visible more pronounced than the other one. Can this be fixed with a BBL revision. Or how can this be fixed READ MORE

Is it safe for a 3rd BBL? I'm 7 weeks post BBL revision and there's a major flat spot developing. (photos)

I'm almost 7 weeks post op after my 2nd BBL and there's a major flat spot developing on my right cheek. Is it dangerous to get it done a 3rd time to... READ MORE

BBL revision, worth it? Why would it work the second time?

Hi , If you get a bbl and it doesn't take why would you get another one like I see so many women on here getting. Please tell me if it doesn't work... READ MORE

Do I have enough fat for revision BBL? (photos)

Had a failed BBL a few years ago, left me with a long, droopy, bottom heavy butt with indentations. Do I have enough fat to do a revision? I would... READ MORE

So I did a second bbl but I don't don't know what to do about the dent. If I exercise will it go away? (photo)

I did a second bbl to fill the dent from the first bbl but it seems like he didn't anything at all. Or should I just go to a doctor in another country... READ MORE

Are there any higher risks with lumpiness with 2nd BBL?

I've had one bbl 7 years again and was left with a little lumpiness on my stomach I'm guessing from the lipo. I want to get a 2nd bbl now because I've... READ MORE

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