Female + Brazilian Butt Lift Revision

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Butt Augmentation Done with Fat Injections. Looks Worse Now. Didn't Know This Could Happen? Need a Fix?

I had a butt augmentation w/fat injections to improve the shape of my butt and to fill in areas where I had cellulite. In recovery I felt my butt. It... READ MORE

Butt Augmentation Redo 3 Years Later?

I had Butt augmentation 3yrs ago but my doctor whom I had cosmetic surgery twice don't want to redo it he says it looks fine to him that I don't need... READ MORE

Liposuction to Abs, Flanks and Back Resulted in Fibrous Tissue: No Good for Revision?

Had lipo of my abs, flanks and back. Post surgery the dr told me that most of the tissue was fibrous & there wasn't much "good" fat. He put in about... READ MORE

Brazilian Buttlift, Am I a Candidate for a Second Round? (photo)

I am 5'4 and I weighted 135 by the time I had my bbl done, the doctor only transferred 260 ccs and the fat didn't survive,my before and after pictures... READ MORE

Had a BBL and my butt is to big for my legs. I want to get a revision. (photo)

I had a bbl done 2015. Don't get me wrong my surgen did a great job. I just think it's to much for my very skinnny long legs. I want a natural big... READ MORE

Is it safe for a 3rd BBL? I'm 7 weeks post BBL revision and there's a major flat spot developing. (photos)

I'm almost 7 weeks post op after my 2nd BBL and there's a major flat spot developing on my right cheek. Is it dangerous to get it done a 3rd time to... READ MORE

7 wks post op BBL. When can I go for a revision? What's the worst outcome? (photo)

I've had the worst experience with my bbl sx and at this point am freaked out. Unfortunately I caught an infection during my sx and paid great... READ MORE

Butt and hips are uneven after BBL 3 mo ago. Can this be fixed by injecting more fat to the hip that is flatter? (photo)

I feel one hip is visible more pronounced than the other one. Can this be fixed with a BBL revision. Or how can this be fixed READ MORE

Could my BBL be revised? (Photo)

I had Lipo and BBL done about 3 years ago and thought that the lump would go down. Well, after my family asking me why my rear looks chunky through my... READ MORE

BBL revision, worth it? Why would it work the second time?

Hi , If you get a bbl and it doesn't take why would you get another one like I see so many women on here getting. Please tell me if it doesn't work... READ MORE

Can I achieve the results I want with a 2nd BBL? (Photos)

Hi, I had a BBL few years ago but I'm not satisfied with the shape of my butt and would like to go for a second round to get more roundness and curves... READ MORE

Iregularities after liposuction/BBL, 25 year old female. (Photos)

3 years ago i did an BBL. Not happy at all with my body. Left me with a lot of iregularities and sagging skin which gives the impression of cellulite.... READ MORE

So I did a second bbl but I don't don't know what to do about the dent. If I exercise will it go away? (photo)

I did a second bbl to fill the dent from the first bbl but it seems like he didn't anything at all. Or should I just go to a doctor in another country... READ MORE

Do I have enough fat for revision BBL? (photos)

Had a failed BBL a few years ago, left me with a long, droopy, bottom heavy butt with indentations. Do I have enough fat to do a revision? I would... READ MORE

I wanted some opinions on a redo lipo and BBL. One of my butt cheeks didn't take well and looks significantly smaller? (photo)

It's noticeable through clothing even with a compression garment on. And even more noticeable without the garment. It's been 4 months since my lipo... READ MORE

Are there any higher risks with lumpiness with 2nd BBL?

I've had one bbl 7 years again and was left with a little lumpiness on my stomach I'm guessing from the lipo. I want to get a 2nd bbl now because I've... READ MORE

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