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Adult with Fixed Brace, Worn for 4 Months So Far, 1 Tooth Has Become Sensitive and Wobbly, is This Ok??

Hi, I am 34 with a fixed brace and I have been wearing it for the past 4 months now, I have just begun to notice that a tooth on my right upper side... READ MORE

Power Chains For Two Months, Noticed Five Days Later The Space is Back?

I had power chains for about two moths and I got them taken off on Tuesday but today five days later I noticed that the space in the front of my teeth... READ MORE

My orthodontist told me to only wear my retainer at night, should I be worried about teeth shifting?

Yesterday, I got my braces off after 2.5 years. My orthodontist bonded a permanent retainer to my bottom 6 teeth and top 4 teeth. He then gave me a... READ MORE

What will happen if I don't wear my retainers for a week?

I left my retainers at a friends house and they just went on vacation and won't be able to get it back to me for about a week. What will happen? Will... READ MORE

I got my braces tightened today and I now have a gap. Should I be worried? (Photo)

This morning in went to my orthodontist and they gave me a new wire. I was sitting in the bathroom and noticed I now have a gap in between my two... READ MORE

Should I wear my retainer 24/7? Or should I talk to my orthodontist for other options? (Photo)

Hi, I'm very worried about my teeth. I had braves on for about 2 1/2 years. I wore two plastic clear retainers 24/7 for about 2 months. I started to... READ MORE

Braces. My teeth appear to be slanting at one point. Anything to worry about? (Photo)

Got a couple of months left for my braces to get off. But I notice both upper and lower teeth slanting more in the left. My canines touch. I've been... READ MORE

Should you really have to have an xray before having braces on? (Photo)

I went to the dentist for a check up today and he said he could put the braces already. I asked him if I needed xray, he said, there is no need for... READ MORE

Should I worry about damage to my teeth from prolonged untreated braces?

I've had braces for nearly 4 years but only received treatment for 1 of those years due to parents financial circumstances. The braces were initially... READ MORE

I just got my braces today and I noticed that I was bleeding a bit. Should I be worried? (Photo)

I feel a bit of pressure, and I looked in the mirror and noticed that I was bleeding but only on that piece of my gum, I'm not sure if that normal? Or... READ MORE

I lost my retainer and my teeth are shifting. Is there any way they can fix them?

I recently lost my retainer today and my teeth are starting to move already I am scared that if I go and get another mold i would just have to settle... READ MORE

I'm worried and I need to know if extracting my teeth was the best idea (Photo)

Hello I just got my upper braces last month but they removed 2 of my teeths and I have a huge space I'm worry i don't know if is going to closed by it... READ MORE

I have a little space opening and I have braces. Should I be worried?

I have had them for 20 months and my orthodontist said I will get them off at the end of August. READ MORE

There is no bracket at one of my teeth, will that be a problem? (Photo)

I had my braces on last week, but I'm just curious ,why didn't they put a 'bracket' on my other tooth . Do you think it will help to fix my teeth... READ MORE

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