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Can I Get Braces if I Still Have my Wisdom Teeth?

I still have two of my wisdom teeth and I'm interested in getting braces. The wisdom teeth may or may not come out. One seems to be pushing out a... READ MORE

Getting Braces After Pulled Wisdom Teeth?

If I get my wisdom teeth pulled before I get Braces, how long after getting them pulled do I have to wait to get my braces? READ MORE

How can my recessed chin be fixed? (photos)

I had braces for 9 years starting when I was in second grade. I never had a weak chin till around middle school. Now I feel like the rest of my face... READ MORE

I feel like I still had an overbite after my braces? Did my ortho not take care of this problem correctly? (Photo)

I had braces and I already had 2 back upper teeth removed before getting braces then after my braces had been removed my wisdom upper and lower grew... READ MORE

How to Straighten Wisdom Teeth?

I have braces now, but my wisdom teeth (bottom molars) are very crowded. Should my dentist extract my wisdom teeth to make my teeth straight? READ MORE

What is Average $$ for "Tweaking" of Past Orthodontic Work?

I had braces when I was younger. Everything was perfect until I got my wisdom teeth removed. I wasn't told to go back to wearing my retainer!... READ MORE

Confused what type of braces would be best? Can six month braces work on my case? (photos)

30 years old, overbite, partially impacted bottom wisdom teeth which due to health reasons would like to remove at a later date. Mouth seems too... READ MORE

Do I need tooth extraction? (photos)

I just had braces put on. My dentist told me I need extraction of 2 upper teeth. My panoramic xray says I have 2 wisdom teeth upper and 1 lower right... READ MORE

Bimaxillary protrusion, can I benefit from removing 4 biscupids, and braces? What's my other option? (photos)

After my wisdom teeth came out I noticed my mouth became more pouty, and my bottom lip sticks out, before wisdom teeth it was not like this, want to... READ MORE

Why Canine is Turning Sideways?

Missing two incisors but canine so close that gaps were minimal. Since removing wisdom tooth, noticed left canine sliding away from the front but now... READ MORE

Do I need braces? If I dont want to get metal braces, does Invisalign work for my teeth? (photos)

Hi all, I' 18 and I went to my dentist and he said I need braces because I got bit of overbite. He mention that if I get braces, it would be maybe 2... READ MORE

What are my options in aligning my teeth? (photos)

(feel free to correct me) I think I have a bad case of bimaxillary protrusion and a really bad overbite. I've had huge self esteem issues because of... READ MORE

Can you put brackets (braces) on your wisdom teeth? Because my orthodontist did and it hurts so bad.

On a scale of 1-10 the pain is a 7. I never experience this type of pain when I go to get my braces checked out and rubber bands replaced. READ MORE

I have one molar in the back of my mouth that is extremely crooked. I think it's from my wisdom teeth and I'm not sure what I do

I have one molar in the back of my mouth that is extremely crooked. I think it's from my wisdom teeth and I'm not sure what I do after I get my wisdom... READ MORE

Can I Still Get my Braces Done if my Wisdom Teeth Are Growing?

I have a slight crooked front teethes ( the back teethes to the first 3 front ones are all straight) and i want to get braces. however, i have 2... READ MORE

Didn't wear my retainers for 2 years and my teeth have moved. Can I straighten them without braces? (Photo)

I got my braces off in Jan 2012 and my teeth were perfect but then I moved to another country and I wore my retainers for only 1 month and now it's... READ MORE

I think my face was ruined by braces how can I fix this?

I'm almost 20 but I had my braces removed my sophomore year of high school and got my wisdom teeth removed when I was 17. I had a pretty bad overbite... READ MORE

Wisdom tooth extraction - Will my teeth shift?

I was wearing a clear retainer (replaced my wire one). It did not cover my wisdom teeth or half of my 2nd upper molar. After seven months I developed... READ MORE

Should I remove my impacted wisdom teeth before getting braces?

One of my top impacted wisdom tooth is pushing the molar teeth next to it and I can feel the pressure whenever I go to sleep. Should I remove my... READ MORE

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