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I have an uneven jawline, could Braces fix this or do I need surgery? (TMJ) - (photo)

My teeth do not line up and I've never had braces. I notice it and I know others are lying when they say they don't. My jaw seems to be on only one... READ MORE

I'm getting my braces off in a bit but my teeth are still stick out/ uneven. What should I do? (photos)

-top teeth stick out like crazy, and my orthodontist doesn't recommend fixing it since that requires pulling out teeth, which will mess up my jaw... READ MORE

Veneer or Brace? (photo)

I'm so self-conscious about my teeth, especially my front teeth. My right lateral upper front tooth is gone. They are uneven. Also, my teeth are... READ MORE

Did braces cause nasolabial folds? Can getting braces put on again and extracting the two teeth correct this issue? (Photo)

I have had my braces off for about a year now, and something I've become very aware of is the fact that my cheek and upper part of my mouth are uneven... READ MORE

I used braces for 5 years and my bite is not even, I'm 26 years old. Should I do full mouth rehabilitation? (Photo)

Use braces 5 years. Already have composite veneers in my four upper incisors. I have bruxism. Show more gum in right side than left. Right now I don't... READ MORE

Missing Teeth 5 and 25 How to Fix It with Braces? Do I Have to Have Implants for the Perfect Bite?

I'm wearing braces to correct a treatment done a long time ago. I have two missing teeth 5 and 25, the space has been closed already, but the right... READ MORE

I'm 26 yrs old female. I have a deep overbite, unbalanced jaw, & crowded teeth. Would Damon Braces or Invisalign help?

I have deep overbite,mild upper jaw unbalance, partially erupted canine in lower jaw (no space), 2 impacted wis teeth, overcrowded teeth.After... READ MORE

When I Wear my Retainer One Tooth Moves Foreward While the Tooth Next to It Stays the Same?

This movement gives the appearance of one tooth being longer than the other. What should I do? READ MORE

Will braces fix an uneven face?

I got braces 2 months ago and I have a few questions about what I can expect from them. I have uneven bone structure and I was wondering if braces... READ MORE

Misaligned Front Teeth After Braces? (photo)

I recently got my braces off and I've noticed my top front teeth are misaligned/uneven. I wear my retainers everyday and my orthodontist never... READ MORE

Will braces fix the uneven length on my teeth and uneven gums? (photos)

I have a bad overbite and so I've had my top braces for almost a month. My top and bottom right lateral incisor is shorter than the left one. My right... READ MORE

I Need Braces to Fix my Uneven Bite but I Have Tmj. Will This Improve my Tmj or Make It Worse? (photo)

For the past few weeks i have had jaw pain,ear aches and headaches and my face has looked deformed/changed shape. I had 3 abscessed teeth which are... READ MORE

I Have a Misaligned Jaw and One Side of my Face is Longer Than the Other? (photo)

Right now i have braces but I would like to know if this is the right way to fix my problem, or if you would do something differently. Thanks for your... READ MORE

Central Incisor is Longer then Other and Lateral Incisor is Still Behind, is There a Solution for This with Braces? (photo)

My issue with my teeth was that my central incisors had a gap between them, my lateral incisor was behind my central incisor. I got upper braces when... READ MORE

Braces for 5 Years and Uneven Bite?

I had just recently got my braces off after 5 years. My bites are uneven on both sides. On one side it is how it is suppose to be and the other side... READ MORE

My Lower Jaw is Not in Its Right Place After 2yrs of Braces. Am I a Candidate for Surgery?

Hi. My lower jaw is not in its right place after having 2 years braces . I mean when I eat It clicks from the inside causing my family to feel bad and... READ MORE

What Options Do I Have to Correct my Teeth (Oversized Central Incisors)? (photo)

Should I have my dentist "shave" two central incisors, get braces, veneers, or bonding? By only seeing a picture of my dental impression, what's your... READ MORE

How Can a Combination of Uneven Tooth Lengths & Gaps Be Fixed? (photo)

Over the past few years, my teeth have become increasingly misaligned; my gap has grown, one of my front teeth sticks out much farther than the others... READ MORE

Is my back teeth shaved down too much? Now front teeth too close of a bite? Advice? (photos)

I did 2 rootcanals and 9 fillings. I feel the dr shaved too much in the back due to bite was uneven vs right side and fillig was too high... He... READ MORE

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