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Underbite Treatment Without Braces?

Hello, I am 28 years old and I have underbite Class III. The lower jaw is ok, but the upper jaw is underdeveloped. After consultation with an oral... READ MORE

How Severe is my Underbite? How Can I Go About Fixing This when I'm a Poor Teenager? (photo)

I'm a 16 year old teenager and my dad can't afford the money to buy braces/fix my jaw so I don't know how I'll be able to get the... READ MORE

Can my Underbite Be Fixed with Braces? Should I Wait Until 16? (photo)

I am 15 years old.I have an underbite and my orthodontist says that I should wait one more year until I become 16 when my jaws stop to grow.But many... READ MORE

I Got Braces to Correct an Underbite but my Lower Jaw Still Juts Forward. Initially Jaw Surgery Was Recommended? (photo)

...and now I regret not taking the surgery as now my profile looks very much like the one in the picture. What could be my options to achieve a more... READ MORE

How long would it take to fix my underbite? What are the expected costs? (photos)

I'm 19 years old and living in Sydney, Australia.I just wanted to know the costs of fixing my teeth. They're crooked and underbite, as can be seen in... READ MORE

Is my underbite severe or mild? How much does a surgery cost? I'm from the Philippines (Photo)

I think my jaws are misaligned...what kind of surgery do i need?please help..by the way im 28 years old READ MORE

Camouflaging an Underbite? (photo)

I'm getting new braces treatment since my last orthodontist turned out to be a bad one. Anyway, for this new treatment 4 teeth will be removed (not... READ MORE

Retainers Vs Invisalign for my Condition? (photo)

I cannot get insurance for or afford the out of pocket charge of 3000.00-6000.00+ for invisalign or braces. I have what I call mild crowding.. have... READ MORE

I Have Crowded Lower Teeth and Grade 3 Malocclusion/underbite. Which Braces Would Be Best?

Would like advice on what would be most effective in solving the crooked,overcrowded lower teeth. I would also like to improve my underbite which is... READ MORE

I have a Class 3 Malocclusion underbite, I am given two options when I went for my consultation; please help me to choose?

Option1:Orthodontics treatment bringing the lower tooth units inside producing normal bite without extractions but the lower jaw would still be the... READ MORE

Jaw surgery vs tooth extraction. Which is the best option for me?

I'm a young adult that needs braces. I've been told by 2 orthodontists that I have an underbite. One tells me jaw surgery, the other says teeth... READ MORE

How Do You Fix a Top Bite After Braces? (photo)

Hi, I am currently 16. I have been wearing my braces for about 3 years now and I am hoping to get them off soon. I went from having an over bite with... READ MORE

I have already undergone maxillofacial surgery to correct an underbite, did my orthodontist and surgeon properly prepare me?

I had an underbite that was about 10 mm, but have already undergone double jaw surgery to correct it. I ended up going with Invisalign over braces to... READ MORE

I Have a Slight Underbite and Spaced out Teeth on the Top Row, Do I Need Extractions? (photo)

I'm about to get braces, since I've been insecure about my smile. Some people say that i might need extractions if i have an underbite, but my... READ MORE

Should I get a maxillary palatal expander for underbite?

When 13 I got a maxillary palatal expander for my minor underbite.i would wear a headgear at night with rubber bands, and after completing it, it... READ MORE

19 Year Old Son with Down Syndrome and Moderate to Severe Underbite, Wore Braces but Not Retainer, What Other Options Are There?

Not wear retainer well. Underbite has gotten more prounounced. Effect speechs..and upper teeth are are starting to wear in spots. Dentist and... READ MORE

Can a new retainer fix this? Do I need braces/Invisalign again? If I do need braces/Invisalign, would the cost be less? (photo)

I lost my retainer 2-3 months ago, so I haven't worn it since. I had my braces off 9 years ago. My two front teeth either moved outward and/or my two... READ MORE

Can braces or rubberbands fix my underbite? (photo)

I have been having my upper braces for two years and just got the bottom ones on six months ago. Since my lower ones my bite seems to have gotten... READ MORE

Will Rubberbands Fix my Underbite?

My 16 year old daughter has a underbite. She has been having her upper braces on for about two years. She did have some type of palete expander at the... READ MORE

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