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How Long Does It Take to Get Braces?

How long after i get approved for braces can i get them and is there anyway i cant get them and long would i have to keep them? READ MORE

Appx. How Long Will Treatment for Braces Be to Close my Gap? (photo)

I have a gap between my front teeth and between my bottom teeth. I don't have insurance, so I will be paying out of pocket if i decide to get braces.... READ MORE

I Did Not Wear Retainers 24/7 As Told by my Dentist and Instead Just Wore Them at Night After my Treatment for Increased Overjet

I wear retainers every night after my treatment for the past 6 months contrary to 24 hrs as told by dentist. will this damage my treatment? if yes,... READ MORE

I Have Really Bad Goofy Teeth,how Long Will I Have to Have Braces For?

I have had goofy teeth for a long time,my two front teeth,and the ones next to them are aswell but aren't as bad,how long will i have to have... READ MORE

When Will Orthodontist Know Exact Remainder Time of a Patient's Braces Treatment?

I'm not really asking how long a treatment is, because I know it varies from patient to patient, but I"m wondering how far into a patient's treatment... READ MORE

I Needs to Close Gaps in Between Several Teeth Including my Two Front Teeth. How Long Would It Take? (photo)

One of my teeth is underdeveloped and will probably need a cap while I have several gaps in my front teeth. How long will it take to close these gaps... READ MORE

Is There A Faster Way To Treat My Teeth? (photo)

I'm 15 years old, and perfectly happy with all my teeth, except for my canine which is tilted severely to the back. It is the only reason why I don't... READ MORE

4 Months Braces? (photo)

I have started upper braces on jan and lower braces ths month.My doctor said that he can fix my teeth by sept ths year as I will be flying abroad.Is... READ MORE

How Long Will I Need Braces if I Have Crowded Teeth? (photo)

I am wondering how long I would need braces for by the look of my teeth. I am 14 if that matters. my teeth are really crowded and have a slight... READ MORE

How Long Will It Take for my Overbite to Have Braces? (photo)

I have gaps in between my teeth and i know i need braces and I'm just wondering how long it will take. Also do I need them for my underbite too? READ MORE

What type of treatment would be recommended and how long would treatment be to widen my arch and straighten my teeth? (Photo)

I had braces as a teenager and didn't weasr my retainer after they came off. I'm 33 years old now and I can't comfortably close my mouth anymore... READ MORE

How Long Would It Take Braces to Fix Just my Gap? (photo)

I have a big gap between my front teeth that's about 1 cm wide. I can fit my thumb sideways into it. It really makes me feel insecure especially when... READ MORE

How Long Will I Need my Braces to Be on For? (photo)

They've already been on for a year, but my orthodontist took off my top wire because he needed another tooth to be pulled down. I have one tooth on my... READ MORE

I Have an Overbite and My Two Front Teeth Stick Out. How Long Would it Take to Straighten My Teeth? (photo)

Hi I Got Overbite Class 2 My Front Teeth Are out Can You Please See How Long Its Gona Take to Straighten Up if I Use Metal Brace READ MORE

How Long Does It Take for Braces to Move the Molars? (photo)

It's been almost a year and a half and my teeth are pretty straight so far in the front. However, I just got rubber bands on my braces for my... READ MORE

How long will my braces treatment take to fully fix my teeth? (Photo)

I have had four extractions, wearing rubberbands for a month now. I do have an overbite. Been wearing braces for three months now. READ MORE

Is there anything i can do to speed up the process of closing a gap in my teeth with braces?

I have had braces for over 2 years, and everything is ready for the braces to be removed except for this one gap between my eye tooth and first molar.... READ MORE

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