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How Long Would I Need Braces for Teeth Gaps?

I have straight teeth but between each tooth, I have a small to medium sized gap and a little bit of an overbite. I'm just hoping it won't take long... READ MORE

Are Fast Braces Dangerous?

FastBraces seem to good to be true... do they pose any threat to the future of your teeth, such as root resorption? One internet blog claims that one... READ MORE

Ceramic Braces Vs. Metal Braces

Should I get ceramic or metal braces? I am 22 and my case is not complicated. I have a midsize gap between my left canine and mollar. I also have... READ MORE

How to Fix Misaligned Tooth from Not Wearing Retainers?

I didn't wear retainers, wisdom teeth not taken out, now teeth have moved. I wore my retainer every day/night for a year after my braces were taken... READ MORE

Black Triangle Gap Between my Two Front Teeth

I am getting my braces off in three weeks, and for the most part I am very happy. One of the spaces that won't close will need a little bonding, but... READ MORE

How Are Clear Braces Different from Metal Braces?

Are clear braces still available as an alternative to metal braces?  READ MORE

Does Pulling out Good Teeth when Getting Braces Have Disadvantages in the Future?

I'm 13 and may be getting braces soon. I have to pull out two of my teeth in order to make room for the other teeth.  So will pulling out the... READ MORE

Type of Braces Recommended for Overbite and Spacing Issues?

I'm a 19 year old college student, and I'm unsure about what kind of Braces I should get. As you can see, I have issues with spacing, as well as an... READ MORE

Braces and Receding Gums

I am very interested in getting braces. I have some receding gums on my lower front teeth. Would I still be a candidate for braces? READ MORE

Are Braces an Option for Severe Overbite?

I am 46. I am missing my molars right/left back, as well as bottom molar on the right. I have a severe overbite and I'm wondering at this point if... READ MORE

Do Any Teeth Have to Be Removed Before Getting Braces?

I would like to know if any teeth usually have to be removed before getting braces? READ MORE

Reversing the Damage Done from Extractions for Braces

I had extractions and braces at the age of 22. This was my third time having them and I am very unhappy with the results. Is there any way to reverse... READ MORE

Will Wisdom Teeth Extraction Cause Teeth to Shift?

I haven't yet had my braces off for 6 months and my dentist has just informed me that I need to get my wisdom teeth extracted in the near future.... READ MORE

Braces After Dental Implants?

I'm under 18 and next year, I'm going to have to get two dental implants for my 2 front teeth. I wanted to know can I get braces after this? READ MORE

My ortho is planning to fit a brace to my top teeth to widen the arch. Can Wearing Braces Also Alter Your Face Shape/profile?

I have a little asymmetry in my face and have quite a long face. My orthodontist is planning to fit a brace to my top teeth to widen the arch as it is... READ MORE

Which Should I Do First, Braces or Veneers?

I feel like my two front teeth need to be smaller. The orthodontist said she would be pushing them back up into the gums so they wouldn't look so... READ MORE

Braces to Possible with Missing Teeth?

Hello doctor. I am missing teeth 12 & 13 and am planning on implants, but I also have a significant gap between my two front teeth that I would... READ MORE

How Long Does It Take to Expand/widen Arches with Braces?

I am finishing up with my braces, I have had them for 4 years, my orthodontist is going to try to widen the arches a little, he says a couple of... READ MORE

Will my face change drastically with removal of bicuspids for braces? (photo)

When i first started ortho treatment my Dr. recomended to have my bicuspids removed. I said no and he agreed to try and fix my smile w/o any... READ MORE

Braces or Dental Implants for Missing Teeth?

I have a missing tooth on both sides of my lower teeth. I have already seen a doctor for this but I'm still waiting for a decision from her. It has... READ MORE

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