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Why is my Orthodontist Using the Nance Appliance for my Upper Jaw?

My 4 1st bicuspid already removed for the braces, and i'm currently wearing for it, but why would my orthodontist using upper nance holding arch... READ MORE

I Have Ugly Spaces Between my Teeth..should I Have Braces or Retainers? (photo)

I have these small spaces in between my teeth..particularly the front crooked ones just obvious spaces..i hate looking at it especially... READ MORE

Will Braces Work to Fix Teeth Spacing? (photo)

I am a sophomore in high school and I am very self-conscious of my teeth, I don't smile in any pictures and I cover my mouth when I laugh. I have... READ MORE

I Have a Slight Underbite and Spaced out Teeth on the Top Row, Do I Need Extractions? (photo)

I'm about to get braces, since I've been insecure about my smile. Some people say that i might need extractions if i have an underbite, but my... READ MORE

Can I Get Braces on After Dental Implants? (photo)

In middle school I had braces to fix spacing and an overbite. When I got them off (about 10 years ago) I got two dental implants (the teeth next to my... READ MORE

Can Bicuspids and Molars Be Moved Forward to Fill in Re-opened Extraction Spaces?

I had bicuspids pulled and braces as a kid. Spaces were closed backwards causin tmj. We are re-opening half bicuspid spaces on the upper. I will then... READ MORE

Would braces or Invisalign be more effective for my teeth, crooked with no spacing? (photos)

I am twenty-four and have very crooked teeth with no spacing. I was told that I needed braces when I was about eleven but my parents could not afford... READ MORE

I'm Almost Done with my Brace but Still Have Space Between my Teeth?

My Orthodontist needs to pulled 2 teeth in my upper jaw to have space for my teeth in order to be align. But now all is done still have two little... READ MORE

Spacing in Teeth? (photo)

Hello what are my options for this spacing. I like my middle space but hate my sides. is it possible to get invisilgn? How long will it take to fix this? READ MORE

I have a minor spacing issue in my upper teeth, and overjet. How long would alignment last with self-ligating ceramic braces?

How many months and how often would I have to visit the dentist? How are these braces compared to invisible aligners? READ MORE

I am looking to get six month smiles clear braces, which I have been approved of. Any suggestions?

Hey! I am a 21 year old female. I used to suck my thumb and the results of my teeth is I have slight spacing on the bottom teeth, and the open bite.I... READ MORE

Options for small teeth, spacing, and large gums? (photos)

I have always had small teeth and large gums. I also have spacing and teeth don't line up (you'll see in pictures) I've always been so embarrassed by... READ MORE

I use to have straight teeth till I had few tooth extractions about 4 years ago. 2 months ago I notice spacing between? (photo)

Spacing between two tooth and it gets bigger but not too big i almost can put my tongue through between..It has been bothering me ever since when I... READ MORE

Can my Class II overbite of about 5mm be fixed without extractions of my upper bicuspids? (Photos)

I went to my first ortho consult a few days ago, and not even ten minutes after my scans/ pictures I was told I would have to remove two of my teeth.... READ MORE

How long will it take to correct my teeth? (photos)

My dentist gave me a referral to the orthodontist and I would know how long it will take for my teeth to be straight. The dentist wrote "crowded... READ MORE

I Have Slanted Top Teeth, and a Bottom Lip That Slants Downward? (photo)

I am 25 years old and I had braces 4 years ago to correct spacing in my teeth, the braces were left on for 12 months then came off, however my teeth... READ MORE

Can my Teeth Be Brought Back Forward Without Further Damage?

I asked him to rotate one tooth. Trusting his diagnosis and following his treatment plan I have 4 less teeth and it is ten years later. I'm still... READ MORE

What should I do about my permanent retainer? (photos)

I just got a permanent retainer on the back of my two front teeth after closing the gap in them with rubber bands. The problem is that I keep biting... READ MORE

What is the best treatment for buck teeth with weak gums? (photos)

I am M/41 and am evaluating options to rectify my dental issues which based on my dentist are Spacing between teeth,Buck teeth,Weak Gums READ MORE

Gummy smile and spacing correction! (Photo)

I currently live in South Florida and I was wondering if there is an orthodontist that treats gummy smiles and spacing with braces. I've been doing... READ MORE

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