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What happens if a spacer grows into your gums? (Photo)

About 3 or so months ago I got braces. Awhile before that, I had these blue rubber band like spacers in my back teeth. On one side, one of them fell... READ MORE

How Long Until a Top Canine (Eye Tooth) Moves? (photo)

After rounds of dental surgery and years of appliances, my teeth are all straight except my top left canine tooth, which is behind or inside of my... READ MORE

When will these blue cement/spacers be taken out of my top molars?

I got braces a few weeks ago and they put blue cement/spacers in my top back molars, my left side came out randomly a few days after my braces were... READ MORE

Why did my orthodontist put spacers in with my braces?

I have braces on my top row of teeth. Last week I went to the orthodontist and they put spacer's in along with the braces on the top. My parents are a... READ MORE

Will I need anything before braces? (Photo)

Will I need anything before I get braces like spacers or expanders. READ MORE

How Can Veneers After Braces Be Done?

Do I absolutely need to tell my orthodontist I plan on getting veneers a year after I get my braces off? I don't want to accidentally insult his work... READ MORE

Will me not leaving the spacers in effect my bands that are going to be put on because I don't have a big enough space (gap)?

I got 10 spacers on Friday. It is now Tuesday (4 days later) and I ripped out 4 of them already. My next appointment I get my braces on and that's in... READ MORE

How is it safe to shift teeth so quickly using spacers when, with Invisalign, you couldn't even skip one tray?

I am switching to braces having had invisalign for 2 years and not being satisfied with the treatment progress. I just got spacers and was wondering... READ MORE

I get my braces off next month but my smile is very crooked. What can my orthodontist do? Is this fixable? (Photo)

I don't think my braces are ready to come off. The left side of my teeth looks like my bottom braces are slanting and it just doesn't quite match the... READ MORE

I should of had a spacer when I was younger to correct an eye tooth that stuck out. I had it removed and a bridge put in.(photo)

My options were to have surgery to widen the jaw or have a bridge put in. I picked the latter. I have an extra tooth on the bottom in the middle that... READ MORE

How long would you estimate I need braces? (Photo)

My orthodontist i saw and talked to about it said it would take 3 years, but my teeth are not crooked and I don't have an overbite, she said I might... READ MORE

My spacer broke, what should I do?

If my spacer broke and I pulled it out should I be worried. My appointment to get my carriere and braces on my front four teeth is in a week and two... READ MORE

Does it usually takes a long time to have braces put in?

The issues with my teeth are crowding, and open bite so I also Will have a tongue crib and traditional braces.I went through consultation and molding... READ MORE

My Dentist has kept two appointments.

One is long and short. In the longer appointment i will have my braces. And the long appointment is after one week of the short appointment. And... READ MORE

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