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I'm Wearing a Retainer, and My Teeth Never Settle into Place. How Long Do I Need to Wear it Daily?

It seems no matter how many hours a day I wear my retainer my teeth continue to be sore. My teeth feel fine for the most part when I am wearing my... READ MORE

I Just Started Wearing Retainer Again Will It Help to Slightly Shift my Teeth Back in Place? (photo)

I got my braces removed at the end of 2008 and I wore my retainer like prescribed for month's, then shifted to night's, then every other night, then... READ MORE

Haven't used retainer for a month and front tooth has moved - will using retainer again (but for longer hours) fix this?

Had a brace for over a year and had them removed just before christmas. used retainers nightly up until my last checkup where they told me to start... READ MORE

How long do you think I'll have to wear the braces? Is it true that these don't work as fast/ effective as metal braces? (photo)

How long do you think I'll have to wear the braces for? Is it true that these don't work as fast or effective as metal braces? Also, I have been... READ MORE

My surgeon cancelled my upper/lower jaw surgery 2 days out. Any suggestions? (photos)

Help! chronic headaches, chewing/biting issues, jaw/muscle soreness. in braces for over 3 yrs.1st 2 bicuspids removed due to crowding. Then... READ MORE

If I wear my retainer again, will my teeth shift back into place? (photos)

I had braces, and I neglected wearing my retainer.If I put on my retainer it hurts and my teeth feel sore . If I wear my retainer overnight for months... READ MORE

Can you tell me what will need to be done? Jaw curves. Please help.

As I get older, I find it harder for me to have a peaceful sleep. I wake up with sudden panic; not being able to breath, discomfort and saliva in my... READ MORE

Why am I wearing rubber bands if they aren't doing anything? Why haven't my braces been tightened after a year of wearing them?

I wore a paletal expander for about 3 months along with my bottem braces. After my expander was removed I got my top braces. Ive had my braces for... READ MORE

I just got my braces tightened yesterday for the first time. My gums or teeth have been sore since.

I read about chewing gum today to get rid of this problem. I've been chewing since. How long does it take chewing gum before the pain will ease off,... READ MORE

My Back Tooth Has Shifted? Gums Feel Sore.

I had braces for three years, had them removed 8 years ago. Never bothered with a retainer, oops. I take care of my teeth I brush and floss regularly.... READ MORE

Do I really need forsus springs to correct an almost unnoticeable overbite? Forsus springs don't feel right?

Got springs on & dentist said that it was to fix my overbite, which I never noticed I had. Personally, I am very happy going without being fixed (it... READ MORE

My new replacement clear plastic retainer feels really tight. Is this right? Could I still wear my old snapped retainer? (photo)

My retainer broke/snapped in two, so I went to an orthodontist and had both the top and bottom ones remade. The top one feels fine, but the bottom one... READ MORE

Can retainers fix a slight shift of teeth after braces? (Photo)

I got my braces off a little over 6 months ago I used to wear my retainer then I got lazy & then would wear it at night and sometimes I would just... READ MORE

My bracket broke off. Is this my fault?

My bracket on my brace broke off hours after i got a bracket fixed . Is this my fault because i wasnt eating anything then my tooth got really sore so... READ MORE

Can I just get braces on my bottom teeth?

My top row of teeth are perfectly straight although my bottom row of teeth are crooked. One of my bottom teeth is going backwards and it is often sore... READ MORE

I am on a month to month contract with insurance for my braces can I get them removed? (photos)

I am very dissatisfied with the braces because the doctor estimated me to have them for 2 years and its been about 3 years now & every time that I go,... READ MORE

One of my braces brackets broke off Friday night and is hanging on the wire should I take it off? (Photo)

On Friday night my bracket broke off but the office is closed for the weekend. Should I try to find a way to get ahold of my orthodontist or should I... READ MORE

What is the bite called and how can it be corrected?

What is the bit called when your bottom front teeth puch your top teeth out I went to the dentist and they pointed it out and showed me that is making... READ MORE

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