Snaggle Tooth + Braces

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How Long Would It Take to Fix my Smile? (photo)

I have a bad overbite, crowding, crooked, two snaggel teeth, and extra teeth. I'm nineteen how long would it take to fix all this? READ MORE

Braces or Invisalign For Crowding, Gaps, SnaggleTooth and Overbite? (photo)

I'm 22, crowding on the bottom teeth, and small gap and snaggle tooth at the top, and an overbite. Braces or invisalign? How long would treatment... READ MORE

Braces or Invisalign for a Bad Snaggletooth? (photo)

I'm 23, with a large overbite and sevear snaggletooth. Braces or Invisalign? How long do you believe treatment would take, and what are the costs?... READ MORE

How long would braces or Invisalign braces take to fix just a snaggle tooth? (photo)

My teeth are pretty straight but I have just one upper snaggle tooth and I was wondering if it would take less time since it's only one tooth? And how... READ MORE

I Was Curious the Best Way to Fix my Snaggle Tooth Would Be? (photo)

If It Should Be Invisalign or Metal Braces or Something Different? It is on my right side and high up in my gum. Also it's very close to the tooth... READ MORE

I have a snaggle tooth (left incisor) and I was wondering if a veneer would be able to fix it or will I need braces? (photo)

I am 24 and it is really affecting my confidence and I really would like to get this tooth fix. I have clear trays in my mouth because I was whitening... READ MORE

About how long would it take to get a snaggle tooth fixed? (photos)

I have a massive snaggle tooth. I'm 29 and want to get braces. I don't want to have any teeth removed but I have I guess a crooked jaw and major... READ MORE

What are my options to get rid of my snaggle tooth? (photos)

I'm fairly happy with the rest of my teeth, but I have a snaggle/ overlapping tooth. What are my options to get rid of it without braces? READ MORE

With my snaggle tooth will braces work? Cost? How long? (Photos)

I have a bad snaggle tooth on the upper right side of my mouth, the rest of my teeth are in good condition so i was thinking of just getting top... READ MORE

I have a snaggle tooth how can this be fixed? (photos)

What is the process i would have to go through in detail to fix my smile? i have some broken teeth due to decay as well READ MORE

Can my canine tooth be removed instead of pre-molar without causing problems when getting braces? (photo)

I have a canine up in my jaw. I want to get the canine removed and get a retainer on my other teeth but my dentist says taking out the pre -molars and... READ MORE

How much would braces cost and how long would it take to fix my one snaggletooth on my upper set of teeth? (Photo)

I am 23. I know my teeth are far from perfect, but I have a problem with my one snaggletooth. I don't have insurance and am hoping to be able to save... READ MORE

How do I fix my snuggle tooth? (Photo)

I was really only wanting braces on my upper teeth because my bottom teeth are not to bad, I really only want my snaggle tooth gone. Is it better to... READ MORE

How long will my braces take to fix my teeth and how? (Photo)

My left front tooth is crooked in, the tooth next to it goes in further than the rest and then there is a snaggle tooth right next to that one (I... READ MORE

How long would metal braces take to fix a couple of teeth? (photo)

For example, the snaggle tooth in the top of the picture, and the 2/3 lower teeth? Not long right? Maybe a couple of months? READ MORE

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