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Big Nose and Braces with Extraction. Will It Make the Nose Smaller?

Big Nose and Braces with Extraction . Will It Make the Nose Smaller? READ MORE

Once Teeth Are Removed for Braces is There Any Way to Get Them Back?

I had braces before and I had 4 teeth removed. My mouth has gotten smaller and the space between my nose and my lips is longer. How can I get my lips... READ MORE

Is there a way to get my front teeth smaller? (Photo)

My two front teeth are very big compared to my other teeth. I am about to get braces soon , so sorry for the crooked teeth. I was wondering if there... READ MORE

3 yrs post op Braces, my front tooth is not very straight. Am I being paranoid? (photo)

I've had braces for 3 years already. And my ortho told me that I could remove them this Sep. However, after inspecting my teeth, I found out the my... READ MORE

Why does my lateral incisor look smaller than the other? (Photo)

I just got my braces tighten last week and I got a power chain and I have only just noticed that my left lateral incisor looks smaller why is this?... READ MORE

I Have a Large Overbite and TMJ. When This Problem is Corrected Will my Nose Be Smaller?

On the 25th of next month i will be getting braces for my overbite and also i will be doing therapy on my case of TMJ. READ MORE

I have a huge gap between my lateral incisor and first premolar. Any idea of whats going on?

My braces were removed a couple of months ago. my Dentist put in a permanent retainer that spans from both lateral incisors. i don't know if he pulled... READ MORE

16 years old. Problem with my big looking teeth. I want them smaller - what can be done? (Photo)

Hello , i am 16 years old i got upper braces off last week and my teeth look straight now but my problem now is the size of my it is really huge... READ MORE

Any Possible to Make my Front Teeth Smaller? How Much Would It Cost? (photo)

I seriously do not like how my front teeth look. Looking into maybe making them smaller. Is that possible? If so, how much? READ MORE

What can I do to fix my teeth? (photos)

I got my braces off in may. I didn't have any teeth extracted to push my teeth back in fear it would make my top lip even smaller instead my... READ MORE

Would I need Braces for gaps ? (photos)

I have a medium sized gap in my two front teeth. I also have smaller gaps between some other teeth and a tiny overbite. Would i still need braces? If... READ MORE

I have large two front teeth. What can my dentist do? (photos)

I want my front teeth to be flat and perfect. Of course I want to have well-proportioned teeth. However, I think that my two front teeth are too big... READ MORE

Can I get braces to make a gap smaller between my without changing my facial shape? (Photo)

I want to get braces to make a gap in my teeth smaller. I heard braces change your facial profile by fixing the bite for me that would make my chin... READ MORE

Can I make my left front tooth appear smaller? (Photo)

My left front tooth is way more revealed than the right one, and I notice it everything I see myself smiling with teeth. I like the size of my right... READ MORE

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