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Do I Need Braces For Small Teeth and Bite? When Should Excess Gum Tissue Be Addressed? (photo)

My teeth are small. & I've noticed that my bite doesn't seem that big either. I have a narrow bite. So I was wondering do I need braces to... READ MORE

is it normal that three days after getting my braces removed to notice a small gap in between my front teeth? (photo)

I got my braces taken off three days ago, and got asked to wear a retainer every night for the next six months. I've been wearing it these last nights... READ MORE

My lower jaw is too short. Is it suitable for me to get braces? (Photo)

3 years ago, I had a dental check with a dentist. She told me that my lower is too short if I put the braces on, she is worried about all my upper... READ MORE

What should I do? Braces or veneers?

I want to make my smile nice because I am wanting to follow Dance as a profession. So i need a nice smile (one less thing to be cut for) I don't know... READ MORE

Any suggestions for protruding teeth with small chin? (photos)

I have protuding upper teeth and small jaw. My orthodontist told me that he will have to extract 4 teeth in order to make the teeth "move" . But Im... READ MORE

Options for small teeth, spacing, and large gums? (photos)

I have always had small teeth and large gums. I also have spacing and teeth don't line up (you'll see in pictures) I've always been so embarrassed by... READ MORE

Would invisible Braces work for my teeth?

My mouth is too small for all the teeth I have, sounds silly but that's what the dentist told me. I went and checked out metal braces and my teeth are... READ MORE

My teeth are so small, should I get braces or what else? (Photo)

I'm 20, but my teeth are really small for my face,what shoul I do? READ MORE

Which braces to change face features?

My lower and upper arch are U shaped with a curve on one side(a curve that goes inwards) -tells me that my jaws are too small -they are small in... READ MORE

Do I need braces for the 3rd time? (photos)

I'm 16, I've had braces for all my life 4-5 grade and then 7th to 10th grade, after getting my braces off I made sure I wore my retainer I came back 6... READ MORE

I have small, round teeth. Can I do something to make them longer? (Photo)

I don't like how my gums show when I smile and my teeth aren't even in length, particularly on top.. Is there some way to have less gum, and longer,... READ MORE

What would be the best option for widening and broadening my small smile? (Photo)

I have had braces before and I have had an expander when I was a lot younger in like elementary school. I am 20 years old now and my teeth are ok and... READ MORE

Can I get braces when I have a small teeth? Or what treatment should I have? (photos)

I have a teeh like fangs i want my teeth to be straight or perfect what treatment should i have? Can i get braces? READ MORE

I'm 14 with braces. My teeth are small and my gums kind of come over my braces. How can I take better care of my braces?

My orthodontist is always yelling at me to take better care of my braces, so I honestly try to listen to her but I don't see what im doing wrong. I... READ MORE

Do I need braces? (Photo)

I believe I have an overbite, small gaps, and a crooked tooth (the one left of the front teeth.) I think I should get them because when I get older I... READ MORE

I have diastema a gap in my front teeth. My doctor said I had a big jaw but small teeth. Any suggestions?

As i said my doctor told me i have big jaw and small teeth (diastema) and my teeth can actually get fixed but after i remove my braces my teeth will... READ MORE

How to fix small lateral incisor teeth? (photos)

My teeth are uneven and small. What are the options of fixing it? Is it gonna be really expensive? And i have crooked teeth. Do i need braces? Thank... READ MORE

I have had braces for 3 months now. My side teeth. 4th tooth from the middle are going very small. Any suggestion?

The 4th and 5th tooth are very tiny. Why is this happening and will they go back to the normal size. Have they just gone up into the gum? READ MORE

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