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Is It Safe to Have my Two Front Teeth Filed Down? (photo)

I had braces, but my two front teeth still look a little large. I also don't think the braces completely fixed my overbite. I find it hard to bite... READ MORE

When my Braces Are Off, Will They Slightly Shave my Front Teeth into a Perfect Shape? (photo)

Firstly, my two front teeth: One in my eyes is the perfect shape (strait bottem no chips) but the one next to it has a curved bottom and a small chip... READ MORE

Will the Ortho Shave My Teeth Down When I Get My Braces Off?

My front teeth are really big and I'm worried my orthodontist will not shave my teeth down when I get my braces off READ MORE

Will Filing of Teeth Help in Correcting Overbite?

I have been wearing braces for about 10 months now but the overbite is not yet corrected. The dentist is talking about removing the braces in another... READ MORE

Can I sue my dentist for shaving down my teeth so that my two front teeth are both unequal lengths?

Can I sue my dentist for shaving down my teeth so that my two front teeth are both unequal lengths, making it look like I have a chipped tooth. She... READ MORE

Best Place to Shave Teeth to Help with Overcrowding?

I had braces before & I lost my retainer.  Since then my teeth have moved slightly and are now a little overcrowded. When shaving between the... READ MORE

I may require 'slight grinding' (IPR) of tooth to make room for tooth to move forward...Is this a viable option? Shawn ';0(

I don't really like the idea of grinding/shaving down (IPR (inter-proximal reduction)) a perfectly healthy, solid tooth...and I only have 2 weeks... READ MORE

Not thinking that the "new technology" of self-ligating braces seem much of an improvement in the last 25 years. Is this normal?

The newest technology seems to be self-ligating braces. I don't think this new technology is any better. My teeth have an obvious slant. The doctor... READ MORE

Braces or Invisalign and how long? (Photo)

I had braces as a child and didn't wear retainer and teeth relapsed. Front incisor pushed forward, and upper teeth are slanted forward. I took wisdom... READ MORE

Reversing two upper premolar extractions?

When I was 13 I got two upper premolar extractions for braces and now I feel as if my tongue has no space on the roof of my mouth. My smile is narrow... READ MORE

Will "shaving" teeth help with my flaring? (photo)

I recently got off braces and was disappointed to see my front teeth flare out. I talked to my ortho and he said that I could file down each tooth... READ MORE

Is my back teeth shaved down too much? Now front teeth too close of a bite? Advice? (photos)

I did 2 rootcanals and 9 fillings. I feel the dr shaved too much in the back due to bite was uneven vs right side and fillig was too high... He... READ MORE

Is shaving a bit off teeth ok?

My dentist thinks that the best way to make space so my teeth can be realigned with braces is to shave off a bit from the sides of a couple of teeth e... READ MORE

Braces soon to be removed, so why are my teeth still crooked? (Photo)

My orthodontist told me that my arches would look much better after he shaved down the offending teeth; but I am still concerned that the crowns on... READ MORE

Can a k9 tooth be made to look like a square one? (photos)

My orthodontist decided to leave my k9 tooth in its original position and told me it can be shaven down to look like the right tooth and I'm wondering... READ MORE

If I'm taking my braces off because of financial issues, will they do the same treatment as regularly taking them off?

I fell behind in payments with my braces & my orthodontist suggested that I have them removed, will they still do the same procedure as in getting a... READ MORE

How many mm can be shaved off the bottom 4 teeth so the chip is minimized? Also how to fix top midline. (photo)

The bottom 4 teeth are being leveled with a wire. Once done, what is the best way to deal with the bottom center tooth chip. Can a resin be deposited... READ MORE

What are my options for my very uneven teeth? (photos)

I had braces and couldn't afford the retainer when I got them off, 10 months later I got a reconstructive retainer that helped tremendously, but one... READ MORE

I just recently got braces, the orthodontist said my treatment should be 2 years, should I try and get them off early? (photos)

My teeth have already moved significantly and they look super straight in the short month I have had them,I'm aloud to say I want them off and they... READ MORE

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