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I have a little asymmetry in my face and have quite a long face. Can wearing Braces also alter your face shape/profile?

I have a little asymmetry in my face and have quite a long face. My orthodontist is planning to fit a brace to my top teeth to widen the arch as it is... READ MORE

Unhappy with Facial Changes After Braces?

My daughter just got her braces off. Her teeth are beautiful and straight BUT after seeing the before and after pictures, I realized that her lips... READ MORE

2 Years Wearing Braces, and Still Unhappy With Shape and Size of Teeth? (photo)

I have been wearing braces for 2 years but am still unhappy with the shape and size of my teeth. Since birth my lateral incisors have been missing, so... READ MORE

I Just Got Braces and Did Not Have Any Extractions, Why Has My Face Shape Changed?

Why are my temples sunken and my cheek bones sticking out? Will this last or is it a side effect of eating soft foods for a month? I look like... READ MORE

Do I need extraction for braces and how would it affect the shape of face or lips? (photos)

I hv protrude teeth and overbite.doc says i can brace without extraction.Need to expand arch and push the front in. A few concerns 1)understand... READ MORE

Do I need extractions? Protrusive teeth with braces and face/profile shape after possible extractions (Photo)

I've had braces on for just over a year and have my date set to get them off next month. I'm loving the straight teeth but curious about my... READ MORE

Braces treatment for overbite correction changed my face shape

Hi, I started my braces treatment to correct overbite just two months back. Before this, my face was chubbier but now it has sunken down. my cheeks... READ MORE

Braces and face shape?

Will braces actually help to make my round face shape to become more oval/sharp? I only have slightly protruding upper teeth and actually, I don't see... READ MORE

Shaping, chipped tooth and braces? (Photo)

I am getting braces soon and I'm looking forward to having a nice smile. What bothers me is my chipped tooth on the bottom portion of my tooth. And... READ MORE

Got my braces off few day ago. I have this gap in my incisor. Doctor took x days and said that was the shape of my tooth (Photo)

I just got my braces off a few day ago. I had 3 extraction before treatment. One of them was a baby tooth that never fell. They brought the tooth down... READ MORE

Will extracting 4 premolars change my face shape?

Will extracting 4 premolars change my face shape? I want high cheekbones and a more symmetrical face. I will hopefully be getting braces for a second... READ MORE

Does teeth overbite cause crooked nose?

I have an overbite upper teeth which is also kinda of crooked. It was not that obvious until as of the recent years which is also the reason why i did... READ MORE

Braces Have Changed my Face?

Hi, I'm 17 years old and i had braces for 1 year and took them off early because i saw changes in my face that i didn't like but was supposed to keep... READ MORE

Is there any cosmetic dental procedure to change shape of teeth from round to square? (photos)

Hi, as you can see from the picture i have weird round teeth, except the fact that i should get braces soon, but once i had straight teeth, and after... READ MORE

Braces: "My work is done, now its your turn, what shape do you want?"

Today after visiting my orthodontist, he said he is very statisifed with my bite....and ready to remove my braces.....but he asked me...what is my... READ MORE

Can Braces Make my Face More Oval and Does It Aligns the Teeth to the Horizontal Level on Its Own?

I had only a minor alignment problem.My right lower canine was protruding in front and as a result the teeth in the corresponding upper jaw were... READ MORE

After wearing my braces for 3 years, my teeth are kind of shaped like triangles or pentagons with sharp edges. Is this normal?

So, I wore braces for 3 years and got them off a week ago. the thing is my teeth are 'straight' but they are all different heights AND all my front... READ MORE

I recently had my braces removed. I'm now interested in filing down my teeth. Any suggestions as to what I can do next? (Photo)

My intention from the start of my treatment was to reduce the bunny look to my teeth and feel now that I'm done with braces tooth contouring is the... READ MORE

16 years old. Problem with my big looking teeth. I want them smaller - what can be done? (Photo)

Hello , i am 16 years old i got upper braces off last week and my teeth look straight now but my problem now is the size of my it is really huge... READ MORE

Front teeth - is there a way I can push them back safely? (Photo)

So I had braces for almost two years. helped a lot to improve the image of my teeth Yet the shape of my front teeth still remained the same, big and... READ MORE

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