Second Round + Braces

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Is my Crossbite Too Severe for Invisalign? (photo)

I am seeing my orthodontist this week, I have had braces in the past and now need them again because the lack of improvement they did on my crossbite.... READ MORE

Overbite Comes Back / Can I Do a Second Braces? (photo)

I had braces to fix my overbite 15 years ago and I did't wear a retainer properly. I know for years that my upper teeth have been constantly shifting... READ MORE

Should I Get Braces? Again? (photo)

Hi I am 36 years old and wore braces for 2 years from 11 till 13. After, I didn't wear my retainer long enough and grew all 4 of my wisdom teeth in... READ MORE

Braces Needed? Or Can a Retainer Fix my Teeth? (photo)

I've had braces before. But I didn't really wear my retainer. It's been about 4 years since I've had my braces off. I still have my original retainer.... READ MORE

Would It Be Safe to Have my Crooked Teeth Straightened After Previously Wearing Braces Twice?

When i was ten i had braces put on my teeth and taken off SEVEN years later. Not only was i unhappy with the end result, but the orthodontist failed... READ MORE

Do I Need Braces Again? (photo)

I have a very VERY small gap between my two front teeth. It's not noticeable unless I stare at it for a long time. I had braces for 2 years, and wore... READ MORE

I got braces again for the second time, how long do I need them for? (photos)

I got braces for 3 years, and they got off when i was 15, for reverse bite. I'm 16 now, and i had to get them again because my upper canines were very... READ MORE

Should I go for a second course of braces? (photo)

My smile still doesn't seem big enough for my moth after a course of 6 Month Smiles, which I think turned out to be a waste of money. Should I get a... READ MORE

6 Months Post Braces and My Daughters Needs Them Again?

My daughters tooth has shifted and we were adv she would need to put braces back on even though she has worn her retainer day/night since. its only... READ MORE

Braces Being Put Back on?

My girls braces were remved 6 mnths ago noticed that 1 tooth shifted and they were unable to fix with adjust retainer. She wore her's all the tim so... READ MORE

Best Way to Fix my Tooth? (photo)

So, when I was younger I fell on my face and it caused my tooth to end up by my nasal cavity. I later on got braces to help reach my tooth and bring... READ MORE

Side Gap Teeth? (photo)

Hello! I got braces when I was 11 years old, and I feel as though my teeth have changed/shifted over the past decade or so. I have a small gap on the... READ MORE

How Long Should Braces Be Left on Your Teeth After They Have Been Moved into Their Proper Position?

I am a 41 year old male who had my braces removed in June, however, my bottoms still required some movement. The ortho assured me that the remaining... READ MORE

How Long Will I Need Braces For? and an Estimate of How Much It Will Cost? (photo)

Ive had braces for 5 years and had them taken off about 3 years ago. i stoped wearing my retainers and so my teeth shifted sadly. READ MORE

How Long Do I Need Braces For? Had Them Once and Didn't Wear Retainer.

Hi I'm 17 and I had braces from when I was13 till I was 15. But being stupid I didn't wear my retainer and now my right incisor tooth is... READ MORE

Teeth Extraction/Braces or Jaw Surgery?

I was told by an orthodontist I needed to get braces a SECOND time and extractions to fix my overbite and a chin implant. My upper teeth protrude... READ MORE

Will I benefit from having braces again? (photo)

I had braces for 2 years, and I'm not satisfied with the results. My orthodontist had asked me if I was happy after taking my braces off, but I was so... READ MORE

Can I get braces again?

I had braces almost 4 years ago. Didn't wear retainer like I should've and teeth shifted. My bite now feels weird on one side (space between top and... READ MORE

Can I have braces a second time on the NHS

I had braces when i was 15-17 and my prthodontist said i could have them out because my night time retainer would do the rest of the work and it... READ MORE

Whether I can put braces second time?

I had put braces 2year before without extraction teeth by creating gap in between iam thinking to put by extracting teeth since I feel still... READ MORE

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