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Braces on Veneers, is It Possible?

I'm a TMD patient who has had TMD issues for 15 years. I've had my uppers restored w veneers and now considering the lowers which are worn down from... READ MORE

Can you get both braces put in at the same time if you have an overbite?

I'm getting braces next month and I have a pretty bad overbite. I really want to get both braces on at the same time (top and bottom) can I get them... READ MORE

Braces over Veneers-is This a Correct Option for a 13 Yr Old?

My child is 13 years old with no ongoing orthodontic work. 4 veneers placed on front four teeth August 2011. I popped off within a month. Unknown if... READ MORE

How long would I need braces?

So my top teeth are pretty much straight but my lower teeth are cricked and I have a overbite. I want to know if I would need to get the bottom teeth... READ MORE

Orthognathic Surgery and Braces? (photo)

I'm having orthognathic surgery. My concern is that ill have to wear braces for two years before i'm able to get the surgery done. I just have a small... READ MORE

Can I get both braces and veneers?

My teeth are pretty bad. I wanted to get braces for the bottom half because they are worse then the tops. my top teeth are barfly crooked but they are... READ MORE

If I go to the dentist and get a filling and a cleaning, can I get braces on the same day?

I have to get a cleaning on my teeth and i also have to get a filling on my front tooth. i want to get it done as soon as possible because I have band... READ MORE

Can I start the braces process even though I am in the process of getting a deep cleaning or do I have to wait?

I am very self conscious about my smile and decided to start the process of getting braces. I have since needed root canals and deep cleaning because... READ MORE

Do you get one row of braces put on at a time? (Photo)

I have an extra tooth sticking out on my bottom row of teeth and both rows are crooked, but I have an overbite so my top row is practically covering... READ MORE

Is this okay? Root fragments while wearing braces?

Is it possible to keep my root/bone fragments while wearing braces?i've heard it's okay and that i can remove it later.Any advice??? READ MORE

Solution for minor misaligned jaw/crooked teeth at the same time (without surgical procedures)?

Yet be assessed by a doctor but self conclude I have slightly recessed jaw and misaligned jaw, I have slight asymmetry in face. My teeth arent... READ MORE

Can I keep my root fragments while wearing Braces?

I Spoke with My orthodontist and she said i could remove it later.I'd like to hear some more advice. READ MORE

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