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My Back Bracket Fell off What Should I Do?

Today i was eating my lunch and after lunch i was flossing and i saw that i am missing my right back bracket i also wear rubberbands i wear my left... READ MORE

Do Rubber Bands or Chains on Braces Actually Work?

I am a Class III, 20 year old, with an edge to edge bite. My upper jaw falls .05mm ahead of my lower jaw. (overjet?) My question is how effective is... READ MORE

Can my Midline Be Easily Fixed?

I had biomax surgery 4 months ago everything was perfect until recently the midline of both jaws is fine but it's no longer in line with the mid... READ MORE

How Long Does it Take to Fix a Slight Overbite?

Is a month and a half enough time to fix a slight overbite? iWear My Rubberbands all day and change them frequently. READ MORE

My rubber bands on my braces don't feel like they are working.

I had my braces out on about a year and a half ago and now that my teeth are done moving, we are only working on my jaw. When i wear my rubber bands,... READ MORE

Can my Bite Be Fixed with Rubber Bands and Not Surgery? (photo)

I have been in braces for almost 4 years. I switched mid way to new orthodontist. The first orthodontist said they could fix my bite with rubber bands... READ MORE

What Are the Effects of a Buccal Occlusion?

I've been to my orthodontists, and for a year I have been told that my braces will be coming off (out of over three years of treatment). My file... READ MORE

Do You Have to Have a Specific Thickness of Wire to Get Rubber Bands?

I've had braces for about a year and I still don't have rubber bands. I was told this by my orthodontist. I'm in my last wire right now and I'm... READ MORE

Rubber tie/band came off my braces. What should I do?

The rubber band fell off, and the wire has moved out of the bracket and up slightly READ MORE

Forsus Springs Vs Rubber Bands for Class II Correction? (photos)

Which one is more effective and or better? Also why is it that orthodontist's prefer to use rubber bands to correct overbites rather than appliance... READ MORE

How likely is retention for an open-bite treated with braces and rubber bands for adult? (Photo)

Hello. I have a mild open-bite. I also have tongue thrusting. My dad had an open-bite. Did top braces and headgear when teen, but did not wear... READ MORE

Should my front teeth overlap? Or should all my back teeth touch?

I have braces and they have me on four rubberbands on in the back, triangles in the front and a little box also in the front? I can bite in many... READ MORE

Can braces or rubberbands fix my underbite? (photo)

I have been having my upper braces for two years and just got the bottom ones on six months ago. Since my lower ones my bite seems to have gotten... READ MORE

How often do you change rubber bands on Braces?

Also when do you take them out? Are you supposed to eat with them on, and if not, do you put fresh bands on READ MORE

Why are my teeth spreading out (gaps) if I have power chains on? (photos)

I have braces and I wear thick rubber bands to pull my lower jaw back and use a mask to pull my upper jaw forward. I also have powerchains on both my... READ MORE

Can you put brackets (braces) on your wisdom teeth? Because my orthodontist did and it hurts so bad.

On a scale of 1-10 the pain is a 7. I never experience this type of pain when I go to get my braces checked out and rubber bands replaced. READ MORE

Can my Teeth Fall out Using Ora Bands?

Can my Teeth Fall out Using Ora Bands? READ MORE

Is this a noticeable overbite after braces? (Photo)

I've had braces for 2 years and have this overbite! I wore my rubber bands religiously! If this is bad will I ned to get jaw surgery? READ MORE

How long will my braces treatment take to fully fix my teeth? (Photo)

I have had four extractions, wearing rubberbands for a month now. I do have an overbite. Been wearing braces for three months now. READ MORE

Why am I wearing rubber bands if they aren't doing anything? Why haven't my braces been tightened after a year of wearing them?

I wore a paletal expander for about 3 months along with my bottem braces. After my expander was removed I got my top braces. Ive had my braces for... READ MORE

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