Root Canal + Braces

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Can a Root Canal Be Performed While the Person is Wearing Braces?

After a bad experience having invisalign done by a dentist, I decided to have braces. Tooth 9 got really sensitive with invisalign. After 2 months, it... READ MORE

I Have Just Finished my Root Canal Treatment, How Long Should I Wait to Get Orthodontic Treatment?

Dear Doctor, I have just finished my root canal treatment and my endodontist said that it takes about 6 month for the bone to completely heal. It has... READ MORE

High canine teeth, what would be my solution? (photo)

Im 21, I know ill probably need braces but im wondering how long it would take for my canines to come down lower with braces? Would I also need to... READ MORE

Can you get Invisalign or braces after a root canal and a crown?

I had a root canal done and a crown put on because about 2 years ago I broke half of my tooth. Now I have a bit of a gap so I was wondering if I could... READ MORE

Can I get braces to close gaps where I had teeth pulled 3 years ago?

I have had 3 teeth removed due to cavities and a root canal one on top and 2 on bottom... all of them were my 2nd premolars (bicuspids) so on one side... READ MORE

Can I still have ceramic braces even if my front teeth has had root canal and a crown that was attached with a dental pivot?

What i have is an artificial crown attached to the root of a tooth by a usually metallic pin —called also pivot crown.... what im scared is that it c... READ MORE

Root canal redo or extraction? Molar #46 (Photo)

In addition to my first post.Molar #46(pict) was filled half way originally when I had a root canal.Now Molar 46 has an active infection & it seems to... READ MORE

Braces After Root Canal on Front Tooth?

I had a root canal made on my left front tooth because of a big cavity. I had braces before, but I think I have to put them on again. So I would like... READ MORE

Is my back teeth shaved down too much? Now front teeth too close of a bite? Advice? (photos)

I did 2 rootcanals and 9 fillings. I feel the dr shaved too much in the back due to bite was uneven vs right side and fillig was too high... He... READ MORE

Root Canal Before or After Braces?

Hi, I have a problem on my upper pre molar. It is cracked! My doctor suggested that I have to have root canal and crown before I put the braces on.... READ MORE

I have a buck teeth, deep bite & root canal on one of front teeth. Which braces would be suitable; Lingual, Invisalign? (photo)

I was 14 years old when had a root canal treatment. Now i am 35 and i came to know that adult braces can solve the problem.Is it possible to get... READ MORE

Did I make the right decision by pulling out a second molar? How can we fix it?

My son had braces as a kid and had 4 teeth removed. Now 20 yrs old his dentist told him he needed a root canal for a second molar that's been giving... READ MORE

Can I get braces without having to get a root canal?

I have already had 1 root canal and I'm supposed to get 1 more before I can get braces but I read that there can be some bad side effects. Is it... READ MORE

My Front Tooth Was Slightly Cracked Near to the Gum. I Did a Root Canal. I've Always Had an over Bite, Can I Still Wear Braces?

My Front Tooth Was Slightly Cracked Closer to the Gum. I Did a Root Canal. I've Always Had an over Bite, Can I Still Wear Braces READ MORE

Can I Get Braces on a Non-crowned, Root Canal Tooth?

I have had great sucess with this root canal and it has been stablized inside with a tube or something else. i plan to get braces on in a month an was... READ MORE

Am I at Greater Risk for Root Canals W Braces at 61 Yrs. I Just Had Two and Am Told I Need Two More?

I wonder if braces can traumatized the blood supply and nerve of teeth. I am shocked I will need four done....two already.... Your opinion? READ MORE

Is it possible to wear braces on false teeth as I have taken root canal treatment for One of my upper front incisors? (photo)

I have taken root canal treatment for One of my upper front incisors.. But one of my tooth is not in correct shape, my teeth are not in order..It... READ MORE

Moving Two Teeth, #23 & #6? (photo)

I have had a history of bad teeth: crooked, cavities, 2 root canals, and 3 crowns. I have at long last gotten all of the health issues dealt with, but... READ MORE

Is It Normal to Experience Extra Tenderness on a Root Canal Tooth After Getting Braces Put On?

I had a root canal about 2 months ago and got the stableizing tube in and filler but no crown. I got braces put on 2 days ago and notice that tooth is... READ MORE

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