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Are Fast Braces Dangerous?

FastBraces seem to good to be true... do they pose any threat to the future of your teeth, such as root resorption? One internet blog claims that one... READ MORE

Tooth Extraction for Braces over 40. Is Your Face Likely To Collapse at This Age?

Hi, I am 44 years old and just started metal braces a month ago. I had an appointment to get 4 teeth extracted (my orthodontist told me it is... READ MORE

Why Do Braces Brackets Need to Be Removed when Doing an Implant Impression?

My implant dentist insists on my braces brackets next to the empty space awaiting the crown be removed but my orthodontist insists the opposite... READ MORE

Will my teeth break once I have braces?

I need braces to fix my teeth for two years but i have many teeth with fillings due to cavities so they're really fragile.I don't wanna lose more... READ MORE

It's been determined by two doctors on here I need braces and jaw surgery. Any suggestions? (photos)

How much if any is covered by insurance? How is it determined whether it's cosmetic or a functional needs to be done thing? I certainly don't like the... READ MORE

What is the better approach: BSSO and Braces, or braces alone? (photos)

I have seen two different ortho's for opinions on my overbite/overjet and extra bottom incisor. The first ortho said that I absolutely needed jaw... READ MORE

Will my adult teeth fall out earlier to due using different retainers?

I had orthodontic treatment a few years ago and was given retainers. It cracked and wore a new retainer (less straight teeth). A year later I realised... READ MORE

Would Gum Contouring be Recommended in This Case? (photos)

I've recently got my braces out but I've noticed that my gums were still uneven before I had braces. I thought about laser gum contouring to even it... READ MORE

Do I need to wear braces before jaw reduction?

Do I need to straighten my teeth and wear braces before jaw reduction? What is the risk if too much muscle and bone is removed? READ MORE

Will my teeth move out of place if a broken bracket is not fixed?

A back bracket (top) fell off and my orthodontist cut the end of wire off without repairing the bracket. Last time (bottom), the orthodontist wouldn't... READ MORE

Wisdom Teeth Removal After Braces?

Hello, My son is 16 and he just had his braces removed. His orthodontist thinks that all 4 wisdom teeth have to be taken out. Only one tooth is barely... READ MORE

What Are the Odds of my Teeth Falling Out?

The dentist and ortho has said that my teeth have short roots and that there is a good chance my teeth might fall out if I get braces. I've heard that... READ MORE

Is there any risk or side effect for the brain due to braces?

Sir I am 24. and i have some disorder in my front teeth. so i want to take braces. so i want to know is there any problem or side effect on brain or... READ MORE

Am I at Greater Risk for Root Canals W Braces at 61 Yrs. I Just Had Two and Am Told I Need Two More?

I wonder if braces can traumatized the blood supply and nerve of teeth. I am shocked I will need four done....two already.... Your opinion? READ MORE

Can Fixed retainer be worn with removable retainer?

Fixed retainer was glued at the bottom teeth while for upper i m given removable.I would want to make a removable retainer for my bottom so that it... READ MORE

I 'm wearing my Braces about 4 yrs now and it's not time to take them off yet. I need another 4 months. Any suggestions? (photo)

I must travel 2 months faaar away so I asked the doctor to remove my braces I went there today and he put a wire behind my teeth to try it on and see... READ MORE

Is there any risk of damaging my teeth by biting each other as they shift from braces?

I just got braces today and my teeth are already starting to shift. I know this because when I eat I can feel the bottom teeth hitting the top that is... READ MORE

Do I need to remove wisdom teeth to get Braces, if they are not paining or creating pressure? (photos)

2 doctors said they will have to extract both my lower wisdom teeth ( horizontally impacted slightly touching the molars on the edge) along with some... READ MORE

What are the risks of pulling them versus the risks of braces? (photos)

Eye teeth not even close to right spot what to do? I have been to 3 dentists and 2 orthodontists. I have had 2 suggest braces and 3 suggest... READ MORE

What is the risk of wearing a retainer too long to hold the space where implants will eventually go?

My daughters,two front incisors did not come in. She is 12 and we seeking ortho treatment. I have heard if we put braces on too early age will have to... READ MORE

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