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Can another orthodontist remove my braces?

I have had my braces for nearly 4 years but I haven't gone to get my braces tightened for almost 3 years because we can't afford it. Some pieces have... READ MORE

Pros and cons of removing braces at home?

Ve had my braces on for 5 years and have not seen an orthodontist in 4 of those years due to moving out of state and leaving the person who was paying... READ MORE

Can I remove my power chains?

My power chains on my braces are yellow. I have a big event tomorrow and I want to take it off. I was supposed to get my braces tightened 2 months ago... READ MORE

Are teeth damaged during removal of braces?

I haven't gotten braces yet, but I've watched videos of the procedure and heard narrations from friends. One nightmare I have is enamel/tooth surface... READ MORE

What Is The Best Treatment for Cross-bite Correction with No Canines When You Also Have TMJ? (photo)

Hi, I'm 37 and had my canines surgically removed as a teenager. I then wore braces for 4 years. Now, my bite is becoming increasing crooked. I also... READ MORE

Possibility of Teeth Relapse After the Removal of Braces?

I had braces to close gaps in my two front teeth, and on the front bottom teeth. The treatment process included pushing the teeth inwards so that... READ MORE

Permanent retainer removal after over 20 years?

I am curious is it safe to have my permanent retainer removed. I have had in place over 20 years after braces in high school. I am wondering if I will... READ MORE

Can I ask my orthodontist to take my braces off, and will they still put the wire on afterwards behind my teeth?

My orthodontist is constantly rude and makes my appointment times further away. he said they would probably be on longer then the year and a half. now... READ MORE

Braces Removed After a Month, Will Teeth Move Back to Exact Position?

I had to have my bottom braces removed as my tmj was so aggravated i was in agony, my orthodontist said they will move back (back being the operative... READ MORE

My orthodontist wants me to remove baby tooth coz I'm missing an adult tooth underneath and get an implant for braces.

I'm 25 and have been told my baby tooth has strong roots but ortho says it must go for braces? How can I avoid that and still get braces?! Thanks! READ MORE

First Pre Molars Removed at 16 for Braces, Can I Have Them Put Back?

Hello, I have a very small bite and i think it causes me a few problems. My question is: I've now heard it was completely unnecessary to have my teeth... READ MORE

Is Getting Braces Removed Expensive?

I've had my braces on for 4 years now, and my orthodontist actually ended up disappearing about two years into treatment.. & then passed away. I... READ MORE

Why Do Braces Brackets Need to Be Removed when Doing an Implant Impression?

My implant dentist insists on my braces brackets next to the empty space awaiting the crown be removed but my orthodontist insists the opposite... READ MORE

When will these blue cement/spacers be taken out of my top molars?

I got braces a few weeks ago and they put blue cement/spacers in my top back molars, my left side came out randomly a few days after my braces were... READ MORE

When having braces, can you get the top off before the bottom if it's ready first?

My top teeth are corrected totally will I be able to get my top brace off before the bottom ones ? READ MORE

How Do I Cancel Contract /get Refund After Ending Brace Treatment After a month?

I made a wrong choice... I started my treatment on 9/17/14. Every week I will have a broken bracket! Right now as I'm sending u this email.. I have 3... READ MORE

How Are Front Teeth Retracted After Premolar Extraction? (photo)

I had four first bicuspids removed for treatment recently and my orthodontist has power chains from the furthest back molars to the canines and I am... READ MORE

Can retainer close small line gap? (Photo)

My ortho removed the power chain and use normal bands. He said, come back after 4 weeks then u will get ur braces off. But after 3 weeks, i started to... READ MORE

Do I have a weak chin or do my teeth make it less defined? Or protruding lips? (photos)

I think that I don't have the strongest chin but also I feel like my teeth push my lips outwards. Would my profile be improved by just removing teeth... READ MORE

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