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Braces and Receding Gums

I am very interested in getting braces. I have some receding gums on my lower front teeth. Would I still be a candidate for braces? READ MORE

Braces Vs Invisalign for Receding Gums

What would be the best form of braces if you have receeding gums? My front of teeth sit out too much and the front 2 are crooked. I would be keen for... READ MORE

Oral and Maxillofacial Question Regarding my Open Bite

I was administered a Herbst appliance while I was wearing braces when I was 12 until I was 14, for a period of 22 months or so. The open bite... READ MORE

Can Braces/Elastics Help a Slight Receding Chin?

I've had braces for almost a year now, and I'm getting elastics soon. I have a slight receding chin, and I was wondering if elastics will help improve... READ MORE

Ive had Braces and then had a Orthonathic Surgery and now 5years later I have receding gums. What can I do? (photo)

Ive had Braces and then had a Orthonathic Surgery and now 5years later I have receding gums. I went to see my dentist she sent me to a periodontist... READ MORE

I am not satisfied with my teeth after braces, I need a second opinion. Any suggestions? (photo)

I got my braces off 7months ago and ever since I have been obsessing over the results. I feel like my teeth recede slightly on one side (I noticed... READ MORE

Will Braces or Jaw Surgery Fix My Overbite?

I have a slight overbite and a receding chin. Will braces be able to help fix my overbite and receding chin? Or should I consider surgery to move my... READ MORE

Should I extract 4 premolar teeth for braces? (photo)

I have done braces before (without extraction). My teeth are protruding now. I went to ask dentist for advice and they recommended me to extract 4... READ MORE

Would braces help fix receding chins? (photos)

I never noticed my chin until I looked into braces. As you can see, my teeth are pretty messed up, but I heard that braces can cause bad receding... READ MORE

Problems with speech and appearance. I had all 4 premolars extracted. Any suggestions?

After I had my braces removed, I noticed that I had developed speech problems - I spit out my 'S's and my words come out all wrong. My mouth has now... READ MORE

Can my tooth fall out from gum recession? (Photo)

I have a permanent retainer on the bottom teeth and it became loose from the center where it abruptly put pressure on my Teeth. now I feel one tooth... READ MORE

Can braces fix my chin? (Photo)

I have a receding chin. Can braces fix it or make it worse? Can it be fixed without surgery? READ MORE

Are Retainers Required After Functional Orthodontics?

I am 15 and I have a receded chin and an overbite that I would like to fix with functional orthodontics. Would I have to wear a retainer for life if I... READ MORE

Can I get braces if i have really bad oral hygiene and receding gums?

I have very bad teeth/oral hygiene and receding gums, can i still get braces or do i have to be up to a certain hygienic code before getting the okay. READ MORE

Why do my teeth slant to one side? Will braces fix this? What would you estimate the cost would be? (photo)

I have very receeded gums on my front teeth, I have only ever had one case of gum disease in my teens I'm now 31 could the crowding have caused this?... READ MORE

I need Braces for my overbite. Will they fix my receding chin? (photos)

I have an overbite and crooked bottom teeth. I went to an orthodontist and he said that he will put the braces on (top and bottom) to align my jaws... READ MORE

How to Correct This Bite? What Would Be the Estimated Cost in Ontario, Canada and Would It Involve Tooth Removal? (photo)

I had a slight gap between front incisors of upper jaw so wore a retainer for correction as advised by doctor for 2 years with adjustments.... READ MORE

Gum receded after cleaning by dentist? (Photo)

I'm 31 old im putting braces since one year and a month ago I cleaned my front lower teeth from inside my mouth but my gum directly went down even... READ MORE

Who I should go to for my overbite/ receded chin. I want to get braces in January. Any suggestions? (photo)

I feel a lot of discomfort in the lower part of my face because I can't keep my mouth closed. I have a receded chin, overbite, and a gummy smile. I... READ MORE

How Should I Proceed on Getting a Receding Gum Line and Crowding Fixed if Cost is an Issue? (photo)

I am only twenty two and I can't afford much. I have crowding and a low gum line that concerns me greatly. I need am affordable way to get these... READ MORE

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