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Why can't my mouth close naturally over my teeth? (Photo)

All my life I've had a sort of protruding kind of mouth and all along I've thought it was my overbite and that it would be fixed with braces, but I... READ MORE

Hollow Temples, Eyes and Cheek Bones That Stick out After Wearing Herbst Appliance-why?

At age 32 I decided to fix my overbite. The orthodontist I went to suggested the herbst appliance along with braces. I wore the herbst for 12 months... READ MORE

Are the braces on my back teeth the reason for my gums bleeding?

When I have been brushing my teeth recently, I have noticed quite a lot of blood, which had come from my top back teeth on the left. At this point, my... READ MORE

I Am 45 and About to Be in a Full Set of Braces. Why Do I Need 3 Teeth Pulled?

Why do I need 3 bicupis teeth on the left side pulled first before I get a full set of braces? The ortho said this was a difficult case Why? READ MORE

Why Are Traditional Braces the First Choice when Solving an Open Bite Situation?

Why Are Traditional Braces the First Choose when Solving an Open Bite Situation? After, reading it seems that traditional braces actually makes the... READ MORE

Why Wont my Orthodontist Place an Expander? (photo)

My teeth have alwz been straight but i had braces placed 6 yrs ago due to undrbite.i nvr had a retainer made when my braces were taken off.Now i hav... READ MORE

Why did my dentist on put the bracket on my teeth? No wire and rubber? (Photo)

She only put the bracket and say my teeth are in very bad condition. Shell put the wire and the rubber next month READ MORE

Why does my bracket keep falling off?

Im 13 and I have a cap on my front tooth, my bracket has fallen off twice now It won't stay in I keep playing with it cause its bothering me, why even... READ MORE

Why are my teeth still slanted after braces? (Photo)

Is there any other way or procedure to have my teeth straighten because my jaw is also affected? READ MORE

Why do my top braces feel tighter than my bottom braces?

I got my braces tight end yesterday and the tightness usually goes away aftdr a day but my top teeth feel realy tight and sensitive when i brushed my... READ MORE

Why won't my canine come down? (Photo)

I have had braces for a year and a half to bring my canine down. My dentist has filed the teeth adjacent to the canine to make space. I feel that... READ MORE

Why did my bracket come off for a second time?

My back bracket has came off two times bow and on the same tooth. Why does it come off? READ MORE

I have had my power chain for about 3-5 months now, but why are my teeth crooked?

The first front two teeth are going kind of inwards and i just got them tightened yesterday, will it straighten out the next time i have an appointment? READ MORE

Why don't I have wires for my top set of braces? (Photo)

I have two cavities on the top and one on the bottom. READ MORE

My teeth are over to the one side even though I have had braces. (Photo)

I had braces for 2 years and I just noticed after a year of having them off that they are over to the one side? They look perfectly normal in the... READ MORE

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